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Tony Softli Tweets: Preparation

It's all about preparation, you guys!
It's all about preparation, you guys!

St. Louis sports media has a bona fide national super star dropping knowledge on football fans, cigar smokers and others who fall into the general interest category covered by talk radio. You know to who I'm talking about, former St. Louis Rams personnel man and 101 ESPN personality Tony Softli.

With training camp right around the corner, Softli's tweets are about get more frequent and frequently confusing. In this spirit of supporting our local sports media personalities, a Wednesday afternoon tweet from the mustachioed man about sports was the perfect opportunity to kick off a semi-regular series: Today In Tony Softli Tweets.

Today's tweet from Softli is all about getting you in the mood ... in the mood for training camp, you guys. Jeez.

If you can translate that, you are the Rosetta Stone of non-essential football talk.

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