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Random Ramsdom July 18th: Dez Bryant in HUGE Trouble, 5 Biggest Rams Questions and RG3 Signs

St. Louis Rams news and headlines
St. Louis Rams news and headlines

Just a bit longer. Only a little while longer until the dead period of football ends! We are now less than a week away from rookies reporting to training camp! We have all been patient, doing God knows what to pass the time. But it's almost time to emerge from your caves. Football is nearly upon us again!

The Rams Must Win Through Defense

Dan Moore of SB Nation St Louis reminds us of a very obvious fact, the Rams aren't going to score many points in 2012. The Rams will have to lean on defense in 2012 to pull out some victories.

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Burwell: 5 burning questions about the Rams

Bryan Burwell offers his take on the biggest issues for the Rams heading into camp. Bradford's health, the offensive line and the WRs top the list, but we have all talked about these way too much. It's time to see these units in action. He also wonders if Michael Brockers will significantly improve the rush defense and who will start at OLB, and will they be effective?

RG3 signs

Robert Griffin III has just put his name down on his first professional contract. He will receive just over $21 million over 4 years, with a team option for a 5th year. This deal should help clear the logjam of unsigned top picks.

Just when you think NFL players couldn't be dumber...

Dez Bryant was arrested Monday, and the news came out yesterday that it was for alleged assault against his own Mother. Bryant is also in other trouble with creditors calling for money for jewelry and sports tickets. This guy really just needs to get his act together, or he might see himself in a situation like Lawrence Phillips, in jail.

Happy Birthday Nelson Mandeala

A big Happy Birthday to one of the greatest men to walk the Earth. Mandeala turns 94 today and still continues to serve as an inspiration for millions across the globe.

Video of the Week

Minesweeper - The Movie (via collegehumor)