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CBS Sports' Prisco Predicts A 4-12 Season for Rams


CBS Sports' Pete Prisco previewed the Rams in a lengthy, but enjoyable, read that details the offseason to this point. There are full sections on the offense and defense as well as an/ x-factor (no I won't spoil it here), insider's take and more. The X's and O's look from Pat Kirwan is worth your time as well.

It's a marked departure from the favorable press the Rams received from Jason LaCanfora recently, he also of CBS Sports, when he suggested the Rams could very well make the playoffs this season. Pick your jaw up, friend.

There's not much, though, in Prisco's piece that we're not keen on here at TST. Injuries decimated both sides of the ball. The offense stunk. Run defense stunk. Those make up a pretty easy recipe on how to go 2-14 and sit near the top of the draft.

What's a bit surprising then is to see the 4-12 prediction. I recognize the Rams have done little to earn the respect of national media. It's just strange to note the odd cornucopia of fail the Rams presented to the NFL table last year and expect similar results. Surely a return to the mean (whatever that mean is...7 wins?) is more probable than another year of a dozen or more losses, no? Or am I just too biased to see the Rams for what they are - a young team with too many gaps to overcome?