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NFL Fantasy Football: Open FF and St. Louis Rams Thread


Another trade is in the books. Like a hunter stalking his prey, I zeroed in on RAMpage. Knowing he has the attention span of a goldfish, I jangled my keys, and pointed at pretty pictures while I worked out this deal.

I traded Andre Johnson, Jermichael Finley and Desean Jackson for Larry Fitzgerald, Fred Jackson, and Brandon Pettigrew. Just moments ago, overall league Czar Mike D approved the trade.

So once again I've worked my legendary trade magic! If anyone wants my help in making a trade in their league, feel free to ask me anytime. I'm currently consulting for DCRamFan and ramdude. Why they aren't listening to my pearls of wisdom, I really don't understand?

So how'd Jordypage RAMpage and I do?

After you hit the polls with your vote, dive into the comment thread for Rams and FF talk!