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NFL Fantasy Football: TSTleague16 Adds a Blockbuster Trade to a Already Busy Pre-Season

In a quest for legendary status as a wheeler-dealer, I have struck again. Team Savage fell into my carefully laid trap. During negotiations for a back up tight end for my TSTleague16 team, Team Savage was centered on acquiring Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown for Eagles tight end Brent Celek. In a perfectly executed diversionary maneuver, I pointed out the window and screamed, "Good God man! Is that a Dingo eating a baby?" When Team Savage finally followed my pointing finger, I slid Adrian Peterson into the trade for Buffalo Bills RB Fred Jackson.

He fell for it, and tried to hide his dismay at my keen trade master skills by laughing. I knew better of course. I knew that once again, I had trade-pummeled another deer in the headlights TSTer. Don't feel bad Team Savage. I'm the kind of guy who successfully negotiates double bagging my ice cream at Wal-Mart. The clerks say "Whatever dude", but I know victory when I see it.

So who do you think came out on top in this trade? (wink,wink - If you feel the need to make Team Savage feel better by voting for him, I'll keep it between us...)