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Biggest Trolls In Sports

You can tell it's July. Things are drying up around the NFL with training camp just a few weeks away ... thank the heavens. Being as though this is a slow Wednesday night, maybe the slowest night in sports without even the marathon season of Major League Baseball to provide a little filler, why not a trolling post.


Let me explain. Over at SB Nation, my colleague Alfie Crow took a look at the 10 biggest trolls in professional sports. Brett Farve made the list, he of the un-retired saga. And many other characters I suspect you will recognize.

As for other suggestions, I nominated Zygi Wilf, the owner of the Minnesota Vikings, who parked his private jet in Los Angeles around the same time of a vote on funding for a new stadium in Minneapolis. Troll move, no?

The biggest troll in recent Rams history has to be Richie Incognito, he of the crowd mocking fame. Am I missing anyone else?