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Random Ramsdom July 11th: Packers Have Record Profits, The Rams and LA, and TEEEBBBOOOWW!!

How y'all doing today? We are still in the dead area of football news, but as it always will, the NFL media machine has enough news to fill these post for us writers.

Also, here's a friendly reminder to keep cool in the heat. This has been the hottest year ever so far where I'm at. Drink your water and keep that AC on y'all.

Is there a hitch in the rookie pay scale?

The Rams have yet to sign 3rd round pick Trumaine Johnson to a contract, and our own Ryan Van Bibber explains why this might be.

The slotting system has a kink in it.

For instance, Panthers defensive tackle Terrell McClain, the first pick in the third round, will make $465,000 this year. Will Rackley, the 12th pick in the third round, will get more than $507,000 from the Jaguars this year.

The NFl might have an issue to fix with this little hitch, but it's not major enough to keep Johnson out of camp.

La Canfora predicts Rams in LA

CBSsport's Jason La Canfora had a piece in which he looked at the chances of teams moving to LA. He thinks that the Rams will be the ones to move to SoCal. Keep in mind, he had no information that we didn't already know, so this is just his opinion. FYI, he was also of the opinion that Jeff Fisher was for sure going to Miami. I kid, I kid, but there isn't any reason for our LA readers to celebrate and no reason for people who want the Rams in STL to panic.

Green Bay Packers make their financials public

The Packers are a publicly traded company, so they are the only team that must share their financials with the public. They made record profits last season. The Packers brought in $302 million in revenue and turned a profit of $42.7 million. The Packers represent the NFL's elite in money making. They are two years off a Super Bowl victory and were 15-1 last season. Most teams won't see a profit like this, but make no mistake, most will see a profit.

Drew Brees may holdout

The Saints and Brees are having a standoff right now. Brees was franchised by New Orleans when the two could not work out a long term deal. Now Brees says he has no intention of signing the franchise tender that would pay him $16.371 million and he will hold out of camp without a deal. In my opinion, the Saints should just give the man what he wants. He helped save that franchise and is one of the best QBs in the league.

Tebow on the TV show the Bachelor? Hell yes!! But no chance.

ABC's the Bachelor is trying to recruit Tim Tebow to star in their next season. Calm down folks, it will never happen. Tebow doesn't have the time to do it in the first palce, and a person like Tebow would never go on a show like the Bachelor.

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