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Random Ramsdom - 7/10 - Should the Rams get Haynseworth, Sam Bradford set to redeem himself, and

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Training camp inches closer by the day. We are now less than three weeks away from the real opening of the NFL season. It can't possibly come quick enough!

The news is coming slower and slower as the season as approaches, but there is still plenty of news to talk about. Hit the jump to see some of the most interesting links across the internet.


Steven Jackson deserves better than what the Rams have given him - We can just hope that the Rams can use the next couple of years to give him some good memories to go with all the bad.

Nine veterans the Rams should take a look at - Some interesting names, including Marcus McNeil, who I've said multiple times should be a Ram already. And no mention of TO! But Albert Haynseworth? Really?

Sam Bradford is set to become one of eight players to redeem themselves in 2012 - Easy to say someone will bounce back during the optimism of the offseason, but there are good reasons to believe Sam has big things in store for this upcoming season

NFL News

Moss is the best 49ers receiver right now - This is according to San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh. Am I the only Rams fan that hopes Harbaugh is correct? A 35 year old with a year of rust on him is their top weapon. That doesn't exactly inspire fear.

Adrian Peterson hires the lawyer that got Roger Clemens off - I really like this move by AP. Hire the lawyer that got off someone everyone is sure is guilty. Then if you are acquitted, everyone will still think you are guilty, too...

Say what you will about the Rams, but the Bengals will always be the worst franchise - Yes, the Bengals have had more recent success than the Rams, but their owner is still Mike Brown, and he'll always be a cheap guy who looks to take advantage of his fans as much as he can.

Other News

As much news as I love to give everyone about the zombie apocalypse, or the spiders, or the revenge Bears, I would be remiss not to also tell you how to be ready for what may come. Here is a $24,000 zombie survival kit, that includes weapon accessories, high tech toys, and tons of first aid. If you have a ton of disposable income sitting around, now is the time to blow it on surviving Z-Day.

Thanks for the read guys, and have a Ramtastic Day!