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NCAA Football '13: What If Sam Bradford Went To Boston College?

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The great thing about video games is that they allow you to re-imagine mundane reality. As if sports were not enough escapism from the daily grind of capitalist toil, video games give you one more chance to reinvent dreams. That's exactly what SB Nation's Boston College blog did with the 2008 Heisman Trophy version of Sam Bradford and the BC Eagles.

When BC got to Tampa to play the Hokies, Davis was a hot mess, throwing two interceptions and only completing 39% of his passes. We know how it ended, an overmatched BC got destroyed by a superior Virginia Tech squad and fell 30-12.

Now let's just imagine for a second that Davis never started that game, and instead Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford was with the Eagles instead. Could BC have won if they had a Heisman caliber quarterback at the helm? They had lost to basically the same Virginia Tech squad the year before with Matt Ryan, but at the college level you have to say Bradford was a better quarterback (ducks flying beer bottles). Could you imagine what Jeff Jagodzinski/Steve Logan could have done with Sam Bradford? Salivates.

What's the point here? If anything, I felt like this was a good opportunity to say that if Matt Ryan can be a good quarterback in the NFL, so can Bradford.