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The St. Louis Rams Are Not For Sale

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Every decade or so, some guy sells off all his worldly possessions, gives up a comfortable family life and heads off into the juniper dotted hills of the desert seeking the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. It usually ends with that same guy's emaciated body being pulled out of a cave, a lesson for any would-be treasure hunters.

And so it was on Thursday when the Eagles parted ways with team president Joe Banner. Within hours of the news breaking, Banner had packed his station wagon and went out prospecting for NFL teams to buy, setting his sights on the Buffalo Bills. Somewhere in the middle of all that reports of the St. Louis Rams and the Cleveland Browns being for sale surfaced.

Except neither of those teams are for sale. The Browns denied that report, and I can say with authority that the Rams are not for sale either.

It has been less than two years since Stan Kroenke let Shad Khan do the bidding for the Rams before exercising his right of first refusal to purchase the team. Since then, the Rams have not been a very good team, which has made ticket sales difficult, to say nothing of efforts to get an improved Dome. Not exactly an ideal time to sell, not if you plan on making any profits from it.

The Rams, like all NFL teams, turn a profit thanks to the airtight national television revenue deals and prominence of professional football. They are long way from realizing their full profit making potential, something that Jeff Fisher was hired to help with and a renovated Dome will further facilitate.

While Joe Banner is out swing his pick ax and looking to pry away an old man's football team, the Rams will keep pushing forward on the twin fronts.