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Random Ramsdom for Friday, 6/8/12


By the time you read this I will be on the road yet again to another professional development school. This time I'll be visiting lovely Fort Jackson South Carolina for instruction in the art of senior leadership. It promises to be a fun filled adventure full of power point presentations, practical exercises, and plenty of visceral experiences. The unique thing about this trip is that it is going to coincide with my familie's 3 week camping trip. Yeah, I am a crazy man. I am hooking the camper up behind the Durango, stuffing in the kids and the wife, and we are going to "camp" for 3 1/2 weeks at the base camp ground while I am attending school. If you don't hear from me in three weeks call the Pentagon, as I might be involuntarily committed to the local looney bin and in need of rescue ala the A-Team.

Congrats! You made it through to the last day of the week, and for that I offer my sincerest kudos! With one final day of OTAs scheduled for this beautiful Friday, the Rams rookies seem to be doing ok. They will definitely need all the time today, with a mini camp right around the corner.

The last time there was this much tape being done on the Rams they lost the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots. This time, its the Rams doing the filming to help the coaching staff do further analysis of all the 90 some odd players running around out there. The coaching staff seems to think the Rams defense is coming along with the new defensive language and schemes. If the Rams are to be contenders in the NFC West, they have to have a shut down defense, especially with a third offense in as many years. Defensive End Chris Long's take:
"We're still learning it," Long said. "It's a lot of volume, but as complex as it is, we've gotten a good start on it, and our guys are excited about it. When you're excited about it, it's easier to learn it. We're certainly working very hard to do so."

Speaking of the Patriots, Chad Johnson, I mean #85, I mean Ocho Cinco, or whatever in the world he is known as now days is gone gone gone from the Patriots. He never really caught on in New England, only snagging 15 passes last year, and a lone ball in the Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants. It's kind of sad really. The self-proclaimed "Future Hall of Famer" was such a promising receiver at one point in his career. Perhaps the 34 year old can get on another team and resurrect his game. Who knows?

Carrying on the family name in professional sports is not an easy task. Even harder is being relevant in the professional sport of your choosing. Trying to land a roster spot with the St. Louis Rams is long snapper Travis Tripucka. He played lacrosse and basketball in college, his Dad was a pro basketball star, and his Grandfather was an AFL stalwart. He certainly has the drive to stick around, having gained 27 pounds since college, when he weighed a svelt 215. He now weighs 242 pounds to go along with his 6'2" height. Is anyone else thinking basketball player turned tight end here?

And basketball we have aplenty today. As I write this the Heat are on top of the Celtics 22-14. Looks like my prediction of a Heat vs Spurs NBA Finals is shot to Hades. Considering Lebron James is only 2-6 in games where his team is facing elimination, things may not turn out as planned for the Miami squad.

Anyone know a guy named Vince Ferragamo? Well if you are ever in California wine country you should check out his new business. Seems old Vince has become a vintner extraordinaire. Check out more here.

It was this day in 1966 that the NFL and the AFL announced the merger of the two organizations. So many years later and we have the good ole NFL that everyone knows and loves. Thanks old dudes!

That's all for today Rams fans. I've gotta hit the sack so I can hit the road in the morning. Here's a little diddy for your Friday.Wow look at the style!