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Turf Show Times Fantasy Football Sign Ups - Going On Now!

The first "LIVE" Draft league invites were sent out moments ago. I'm setting the leagues now, so I need all of you who have signed up to make sure you've entered the right e-mail address and have selected "Live" Draft or Autodraft. If you don't make a selection, you'll be defaulted to "Autodraft". Some of the people I've sent league invites to via e-mail didn't go through. I'm talking to you CaliRamFan!

For those of you who haven't signed up yet, you still have time. Sign ups are going to close on June 16th, instead of July 1st. This is due to the already high sign up rate. I'm also limiting the number of leagues to 15 (ten teams in each league). If you feel you can't participate fully during the season, please go to the original sign up post, and in a reply under your sign up, write: Cancel

Our Fantasy Football leagues are free. That's right - zero Dinero to join. So sign up here if you haven't already!