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Random Ramsdom June 6th

Good morning! The Rams are about to finish up OTAs. June 8th is the last day and then it's summer break for all the players. To all the Rams, take some time and kick back and relax (maybe not you so much Janoris). Come back fully recharged and ready to kick some ass!


NFL Network's 32 in 32: St. Louis Rams

NFL Network kicked off their offseason recap of all the teams with the Rams. Jeff Fisher has already increased respect for the Rams around the league. Sam Bradford still has many believers outside of Oklahoma and St. Louis. This team will still have to prove it on the field before the league will finally buy in.

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Lance Kendricks needs to break out

Remember the preseason Lance Kendricks? The one that made plays and looked to be an important piece of the offensive puzzle? The Rams and more importantly Kendricks need that guy to show up this year.

Is Sam Bradford the new face of St. Louis' Sports?

Albert Pujols was the King of St. Louis for 10 amazing seasons. He was clearly the face of St. Louis' sports and the town adore him as they did the likes of Stan Musial, Ozzie Smith, Brett Hull, Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. With Pujols departure, who is now the "face" of St. Louis' sports? This question was put up to the Post Dispatch's writers and many think that Sam Bradford can be. He has the best chance of anyone to take up the role, but he'll need to lead the Rams back to winning before he can gain that crown.

Seahawks punished for having live contact practice

The Seahawks illegally held a live contact practice during OTAs. The new CBA limits the amount of full contact practices and they are not allowed at all during OTAs. Pete Carrol didn't really care about the rules at USC, and apparently doesn't care about them in the NFL either. For their actions the Seahawks will lose their final two OTAs.

The NFL's second lockout of the year: The Ref Lockout

If you haven't heard by now, the NFL's referees are now lockout and the NFL is looking to hire replacement referees. The NFL claimed the officals were threatening to strike, but now the refs have said that is not true. People may complain about the officiating in the NFL, but it by far the best of all the major sports. The quality of the games will go down if this is not resolved.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!