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Favorite Rams Highlight: The Tackle

Picking a favorite highlight is no easy task. The St. Louis Rams of the Greatest Show on Turf era made such a regular presence on highlight reels as to blur memory of individual moments. I also love to watch highlights of the Los Angeles Rams and the Fearsome Foursome terrorizing opposing quarterbacks.

But when you're talking about a Rams highlight for the ages, one that might be considered the greatest of all time, I think the choice is pretty clear.

Without Mike Jones' tackle, The Tackle, in Super Bowl XXXIV the franchise would have never had a Super Bowl title. That has to be the one that qualifies as the top highlight in the team's history.

It has all the classic trappings of a highlight too. One play that made all the difference, one play that literally boiled the biggest championship in professional sports down to a matter of inches, one play made by a former World League player.

What other highlights stand out in the Rams' long history?