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Random Ramsdom 6/5/2012: Replacement Refs

A look at everything that matters on a Tuesday morning in Rams Nation
A look at everything that matters on a Tuesday morning in Rams Nation

Just 92 days until the kickoff of the 2012 NFL Regular Season! With there still being over 7 weeks until the start of training camp, we are about to enter the last major Rams' new cycle until then. Today is the start of the seventh and final OTA of the 2012 season!

The Rams will likely be putting the finishing touches on the basics of the playbook, after Coach Fisher recently said the playbook was 70% installed. We'll get plenty of news coming out, both from media folk and from the official Rams blog. We may even get some information about the ever-popular wide receiver battle.

Hit the jump for NFL news, including a Rams pass rushing breakout, a shoe thief, and the spider apocalypse!

Rams news and information

Shane Gray on why the Rams could see a big pass rush jump - Shane brings up a really good point in this article about all the success the Rams had rushing the passer last year, despite a terrible secondary. The coverage sack could return to the Rams this season. That is assuming that the top 41 cornerbacks don't end up on IR again.

Mike Sando on the Rams free agent moves to get younger - According to Sando, not only did the Rams lower the age of their roster quite a bit in free agency, but they are now the youngest team in the entire NFL. I assume that he doesn't include coaches in that average.

Mocking the draft is doing a bracket for rookies in fantasy - In this matchup, Rams new wide receiver Brian Quick goes up against the new Colts tight end Dwayne Allen. Now would be a good time to start familiarizing yourself with fantasy football if you haven't already. The TST leagues are gonna be huge this year. Everyone is going to be in, right? Right?!

Not to mastur-link, but if you missed this, you MUST see it - Jeff Fisher - Coach, Mentor, Hard Worker, Winner...Cigar smoking maniac?

Other NFL News

Remember when Drew Rosenhaus stuck by T.O.'s side as he lost his mind and career? Apparently T.O. doesn't - Terrell Owens fired agent Drew Rosenhaus to go with Jordan Woy. T.O. said he wanted to hire "someone who believes in my ability to help an NFL team and believes in me as a person." Evidently, Drew Rosenhaus believed what the rest of us do...T.O is done.

The NFL will start hiring replacement refs - Putting guys who were recently working arena league games in charge of a $6 billion products seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Plus, how will we ever teach these guys how to look for players "givin him the business"?

Justin Blackmon pleads not guilty - Blood alcohol of 3 times the legal limit. That wasn't a joke.

Old ladies can be cruel when it comes to fights over shoes - The shoe in question usually isn't a football player's cleat. Driver is trying to find the kid to make sure he still gets something. Packers' fans can be vicious!

Crazy world news

Last week, I brought you zombies. This week, it's spiders - After all the hype about the coming zombie apocalypse, everyone forgot about our age old nemesis...the arachnids. While we were building walls that could keep out the walking dead, the spiders were preparing for their assault. Now, a leaping, swarming, aggressive group of spiders has terrorized a small town in India. How long can it be until they are here? Our only hope is that the spiders and zombies wipe each other out, and leave us, bruised and beaten, but alive...

Thanks for the read, and have a Ramtastic Day!