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2012 Turf Show Times' Tailgate: Time to Plan It!

It is here we shall assemble.
It is here we shall assemble.

It is time. Turf Show Times has become the best community for Rams fans on the web and it is time we had an event to celebrate.

I would like to invite you to the first Turf Show Times' Tailgate. Want to meet that guy you've been arguing with for over a year? Want to meet some of the amazing folks who write for the front page? Want to hang out with some great people and then take in a great game of Rams football? Then get your ass to St. Louis!

We need a date on which to hold this event. The earlier we can get this settled, the better. Believe it or not, our readers have lives and will need time to schedule this in and buy game tickets, plane tickets, etc. etc.

Please only vote in this poll if you believe you would like to attend. Don't be a troll and make me have to do this again or Doug has told me he won't bring Cheetos to the tailgate!

If you have any questions or you would like to help out with the first Turf Show Times' Tailgate, email me or Ryan. Holla!