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St. Louis Rams: Jeff Fisher Rockin' a Music Video

Jeff Fisher, police man.
Jeff Fisher, police man.

So you thought Jeff Fisher had trimmed his personal life along with his mullet? Remember the days of Jeff Fisher having chats with movie stars and rock stars...

Older and wiser, Fisher climbs mountain with his friends to while away the days. He hasn't given up on his love for music though... I was contacted by Wes Hartline of with a very cool music video featuring our very own Jeff Fisher. At first, I wasn't sure it was the Rams new head coach. He looked kind of young, and I said as much in a query for verification.

One of the two directors at, David Lavender, got back to me. He sent me this further explanation:

"Hey Doug, thanks for getting back in touch. David Lavender here – one of the two directors with Yeah Yeah Creative. I'm not sure what we could show you in the way of documented proof – we have a signed insurance form somewhere in the office. The band's label, Cotton Valley Records, has the liability waiver with Jeff's sig. We'd rather not pass those along for privacy (and, frankly, convenience) reasons. But I certainly can't blame you for doing your job and double-checking.

"I can give you a few details to help legitimize it, though. Jeff agreed to appear in the video before signing on with St. Louis. He has a personal connection with the band, and he thought the treatment sounded like a fun idea. By the time we filmed – late January – he was in the process of moving to St. Louis. Much of the video was shot on Jeff's farm in Tennessee, and it was all filmed in one day – to accomodate his schedule.

"I'd be happy to share more about the video if you'd like to hear it. Jeff was as personable and fun to work with as anyone we've run across. He was extremely generous to let us film (and wreck a car) on his farm. He didn't mind firing up the cigar for the video just after our 7:30 a.m. call time. If you didn't know any better, you'd just think he was someone's buddy that decided to act for us. We've got a few fun anecdotes from Jeff from the day that we'd be happy to share – if that's something that would be interesting to you and your readers.

"I've attached a non-colored, non-treated screenshot from some behind-the-scenes footage, which gives a better look at Jeff – for whatever that's worth.

"Thanks again for your interest.

"- David"

Hmmm... Good enough for me, eh? I hope you enjoy the video. I'd like to see this band live some time. High energy without a doubt!