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Random Ramsdom for Friday, 6/29/2012


Happy Friday Rams Nation! I hope you are as excited about today as I am. Another week is in the books, and we are creeping ever so close to the start of what is sure to be an interesting season. We enter the weekend in a supreme way. The tables have turned for some, while for others things are looking bright. I for one am one of those who seeks the middle ground. After all, can't we all just get along?

Today is the day I wave goodbye to Fort Jackson, SC. After many a long night studying, too many tests, a Hooters car wash (we raised over $1500 for the Wounded Warrior Project), and a leadership essay, I am loading up the car and heading back to the Midwest. Getting reacquainted with my Southern roots while I was in the Palmetto state was eye opening. I remembered what real sweet tea tastes like. I reaffirmed my love for greasy fried food and good ole collard greens. I did some front porch sittin', and had the best watermelon imaginable. So long south land! Sunday will be a day of relaxation as I sit at Busch Stadium and watch the Cards play the game of baseball. Then its back into the car for another 5 1/2 hours to Chicago. Ya ho road trip!

Onto the Randomness!

Kentucky fans will be over joyed with the results of the 1st round of the NBA draft. The New Orleans Hornets selected Anthony Davis #1, and Charlotte followed up with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with the #2 pick Thursday night. Both figure to be immediate impact players. Davis will figure prominently in what the Hornets are calling the "Uni" version of the triangle offense. When asked how he felt about being the #1 pick in the 2012 NBA draft Davis replied, "I just can't wait to get to the Big Easy and help everything come together." Here's hoping that with all of Davis's new found wealth, that he gets a new stylist. One that isn't afraid to show him the ways of the man-groomer.

My soon to be brother-in-law is going to have a bachelor party this Saturday. Unfortunately I won 't be able to be there for the festivities. I have however, instructed the best man to play a little prank on the newest member of the family. He will be blind-folded, taken into a local St Louis establishment, and exposed to the Lou's very own version of this. We all have bets on how long it takes him to realize where he is and when he runs out screaming. Let's hope afterwards there are no hard feelings!

Just in case you are into guys and gals running to and fro whilst hitting a ball back and forth at speeds approaching 130 miles per hour, Wimbeldon is in full swing. Tune in to hear lots of female grunts and see dudes who look like crosses between surfers and country club folk while they fight to earn the coveted major. Rafael Nadal was bounced out in a surprising 2nd round loss to one of the lowest ranked players in the tournament, Lukas Rosol. Nadal is always a favorite no matter what the surface or venue. Here is a nice remix for your viewing pleasure:

Aliens are on the minds of some Americans, as according to a new study by National Geographic, some 11 percent of those polled believe they have witnessed a UFO sighting. More importantly in this study, Americans are more likely to believe in extra terrestrials than in a zombie outbreak. What's wrong with this picture? Aren't you paying attention to the news America? Man that must have been some good ganja!

Mike Sando says that the Rams still need help at outside linebacker. While not news to us Rams fans, it does help confirm what we have been screaming about for some time now. Mike breaks down how the Rams have spent in the draft for linebackers and why he thinks this is one of the bigger positions of need going forward.

No stranger to big ventures and strange under takings, Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, is championing the NFL's desire to place a team across the pond in bloody old England. While the NFL and the Brits will surely welcome this league expansion, players and fans may not be so happy about taking away 8 games from the continental United States, or having to fly over there so often. Can you imagine if you were in the division with the London Lam-basters? Uhg! We Rams fans will get to watch our beloved team live from Wembley stadium when they face off against the Patriots on October 28 of this year. Happy Flight!

Finally today, in honor of women every where who choose to wear nothing but bear skin rugs, here is a diddy by the Rolling Stones. Have a safe and happy weekend Rams Nation!