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Random Ramsdom - 6/26 - RGIII extortion, Sam Bradford Training Table, and Mexican Revenge Bears!


Training camp can't possibly get here soon enough. Still a bit over a month away, training camp marks the official beginning of the "on-season" of NFL football. Until then, we'll have to make do with recycled news stories, "expert" predictions of what the 2012 season will bring, and what players do in their off time.

One thing that helps me get through this huge lull is all the great content that the members of TST put out. SosaRam has been doing positional breakdowns, and did a Breakout Candidates piece yesterday that I quite enjoyed, although he's a bit optimistic in my opinion. Ramfan 1313 did a great breakdown of basically the entire roster yesterday. And of course, our authors are pumping out great stuff, as usual. Yesterday, Brandon finished his breakdowns of the NFC West with the Seahawks. The photoshops alone are worth the click.

There may not be a ton of breaking news coming out, but there is still plenty to read and enjoy, both at TST and all over the web! Hit the jump for the rest of my recommendations for today.


Former Mizzou players get together for a football camp - Jeremy Maclin, Sean Weatherspoon and the Rams Danario Alexander all participated in the camp hosted by Maclin. Reports that Alexander was tackled by a 9 year old and required further surgery proved to be false.

Dear god, I hope this is the only time we hear "Sam Bradford Training Table" this season - Bradford is donating a cool half million to the University of Oklahoma to support some new student housing. In exchange, they are naming a dining table after him. Sounds fair.

Early draft opinion, including my current college man crush - Yes, this is a slide show. My apologies. But expect a lot of links out of me if Ray Ray Armstrong is mentioned(he's on page 4 of that article). Hopefully, he doesn't end up as just a physical freak who can't play, like Taylor Mays (take that 49ers!).


RG3 target of an extortion case - A former Baylor basketball player was going to release "derogatory information" about Griffin unless he was paid. Although nothing has ever come out that even remotely shines a negative light on Griffin, you do have to wonder if this is a case of "where there is smoke, there is fire", considering the school has recently gone on probation for recruiting violations.

NFL first thing in the morning? Yes, please! - Four hours, every morning! Launches July 30th on the NFL network. We are close to my dream of 24/7 football from training camps at the start of August until the draft in mid-April. Then four months to recover/avoid divorce, and start up again. Gonna be awesome.

High schooler fakes Malcom Jenkins out of his cleats - Seriously, they made a bet and Jenkins lost his cleats. Short, cool article with video. Bonus: JL55 sighting!


I've brought you zombies, water-craving zombies, spiders, and more zombies in the past. I could go back to the zombie well, since a naked man who was immune to stun guns bit his father-in-law in Florida yesterday. Oh, and a few days ago a man rushed into his girlfriend's house, stripped naked, and bit someone, also in Florida.

But instead of zombies, I bring you something far more terrifying...BEARS! For the third time since May 31st, a Bear has attacked a camper in Arizona.

"Now Rick", you say, "Bear attacks happen all the time. Why are these three such a big deal?"

These three are such a big deal because all three happened in Arizona, home of the new controversial immigration laws. After just 10 Bear attacks in the previous 22 years, there have been three in the last month. Clearly, the Bears are the official response of Mexicans who are upset about the harsh new laws. They have trained the Bears to wage war on Arizona, and the Bears are winning. It's just a matter of time before the Bears are done with Arizona and move on to the rest of us.

Our only hope now is that the supreme court striking down part of the controversial laws is enough to lure the Bears back into a peaceful slumber.

Thanks for the read, as usual, and have a Ramtastic day!