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Random Ramsdom for Friday, 22 June 2012

Good morning Rams Fans! We've made it through another week together, which puts us six days closer to the start of the season. Can you feel the excitement building?

I have nine days left here in beautiful South Carolina until I have to pack up again and drive the pack back to Chicago. I can honestly say I have grown fond of the constant heat here. Not a day goes by that I don't sweat buckets while shaking sand out of my boots and swatting giant mosquitoes away. Getting back to the relatively cool temperatures of Chicago will be welcomed. The traffic on the other hand.......

Today is Kurt Warner's birthday, so in honor of him helping St. Louis win the Super Bowl, here are a few Rams stat lines for you:

Record: 35-15

Yards: 14,477

Attempts/Completions: 1688/1121

Completion Percentage: 66.4%

Touchdowns: 102

Interceptions: 65

Yards per Game: 272

QB Rating: 97.2

NFL Records Held:

  • Most yards passing in a Super Bowl game – 414 yards (against Tennessee Titans)
  • Most yards passing with no interceptions in a postseason game – 414 yards (Super Bowl XXXIV)
  • Three highest passing yardage totals in Super Bowl history: Warner also owns the 2nd highest (377 yards against Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XLIII) and 3rd highest (365 yards against New England in Super Bowl XXXVI) passing yardage totals in Super Bowl history.
  • Only quarterback to throw 400+ yards in a Super Bowl game
  • Most touchdown passes in a single postseason – 11 touchdowns (in 2009, tied with Joe Montana in 1990)
  • Most yards passing in a single postseason, 3 games played – 1,063 yards (in 1999)
  • Highest completion percentage in a single game (regular season) – 92.3% (24/26) (9/20/09) (Highest single game completion percentage – Tom Brady 92.9% (26/28) (1/12/08))
  • Highest rate of games with 300+ yards passing (min. 100 games played) – 41.9% (52/124)
  • Most consecutive games with 300+ yards passing – 6 games (tied with Steve Youngand Rich Gannon
  • Most career games with a perfect passer rating (regular season) – 3 games (tied with Peyton Manningand Ben Roethlisberger)
  • Fastest player to pass for 30,000 yards – 114 games (tied with Dan Marino)
  • Fastest player to pass for 10,000 yards
  • Only quarterback to throw for over 14,000 yards with two different teams (St. Louis Ramsand Arizona Cardinals)
  • Only quarterback to throw 40 touchdowns and win a Super Bowl in the same season (in 1999)
  • Most yards passing in the first three games of a season – 1221 yards (2000)
  • Most yards passing in the first four games of a season – 1557 yards (2000)
  • Most yards passing in the first five games of a season – 1947 yards (2000)
  • Most yards passing in the first six games of a season – 2260 yards (2000)
  • Most yards passing in the first seven games of a season – 2445 yards (2000)(Injured during game, missed the next 5 games)
  • Highest average passing yards per game on Monday Night Football – 329.4 yards (min 7 games)

Can you say prolific? The guy was amazing and unfortunately for the Rams he was gone way too soon. But what are you going to do right?

Eagles Ink Atogwe

While we're on the subject of former Rams, here is a write up featuring one of our not so long departed defensive backs, OJ Atogwe. Seems the Eagles are in love with some OJ. They inked him to a 1 year deal. He should fit in with the Eagles nicely.

Joplin Still on the Rams Minds

The Rams continue to give back to the community of Joplin, MO. For those unfamiliar with what happened there go here. Click on to see some coverage of what the rookies and cheerleaders did recently. Its nice to see the team stepping up and helping out where help is needed.

Kroenke is buying and selling in St. Louis

Made your heart skip a beat did it? No, the Rams aren't for sale according to Kroenke, but Union Station is. The Kroenke owned THF and Lodging Hospitality and Management are working a deal to buy Union Station and with help from tax payers, do a $50 million renovation. The once bustling entry point into the St. Louis area is a shell of its former self. I celebrated my wife's first birthday as a couple at Union, so personally I hope the deal goes through.

Bath Salts Anyone?

Yet another fine young cannibal is under arrest after a drug fueled Zombie attack on an unsuspecting citizen. Perhaps Bath Salts are the start of the apocolypse? What do you do in this instance anyway? I guess it is time to renew that conceal and carry permit and raid the local guns and ammo shop.

Listen to our Elders

Some NFL retirees are asking for the A.F.L.-C.I.O. to expel the NFLPA for moral reasons. Seems they think that the NFLPA is only really interested in meeting the needs of active players and not the needs of its alumni. There is some merit to their claims if you consider that the retiree benefits were hardly addressed in the new CBA.

I hope this weekend treats you well Rams fans. Here's a trip down memory lane for you.

The 1st Season