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NFL Games In Dublin?

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The St. Louis Rams are off to London this fall for a tilt against the New England Patriots as part of the NFL's international series. Could a game in Dublin, Ireland be on the radar in the near future?

Pro Football Talk is reporting that talk of the NFL paying a visit to the Emerald Isle is picking up again. The BBC says officials from the NFL were in Dublin at Croke Park to see about its feasibility as an American football stadium.

"We need stadiums that have availability in the middle of our season and the soccer season," Waller said. "We also need them to be large, able to take the levels of hospitality and corporate entertainment that we generate. We looked long and hard before we came to play regular season games at Wembley. Now we're looking seriously at playing two games internationally and, as we do that, Ireland and this venue in particular are very attractive to us."

Naturally, there is nothing else about the matter available for public consumption at this time, and another international game would take some coordination. Notre Dame will peddle its fledgling football program over there this season, and the game is already sold out (apparently nobody warned the Irish there's no fight left in the Fightin' Irish from Indiana).

Of course, given the reaction in St. Louis to the Rams' overseas trip, you can imagine what another one would entail. There's also the tiny little detail that the Rams' London games in 2013 and 2014 have yet to be resolved with the CVC.