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Turf Show Times Fantasy Football - First Blockbuster Trade of the Year!

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Well TSTleague2 - an Auto Draft league - is off to a flying start. In a blockbuster deal concluded moments ago, renegade rams accepted a trade with famed author, editor, and all round great guy - ME!

I was shopping for a hook up for my quarterback Matt Ryan, and to remove one of the two Green bay wide receivers I had in my starting line up. Renegade Ram wanted New England tight end phenom Gronk, and asked me what it would take to make a deal.

You can see the details of the trade after the page break.

Yahoo! Sports
Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football
Hey Douglas M,

The trade offer proposed in TST League 2 (38529) has been accepted.

There will now be a 2 day waiting period before the trade is processed. Go to your team page and click on the trade details link to review the trade. If you feel this trade is unfair, send an official protest to the league.

TSTleague2 Renagade Rams
Greg Jennings
DeSean Jackson
Rob Gronkowski
Matt Schaub
Roddy White
Marques Colston
Jermichael Finley
Robert Griffin III

--Fantasy Football Commissioner

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