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St. Louis Rams Offseason Approval Poll: Will The Last Six Months Pay Quick Dividends?

Is the St. Louis Rams' uphill climb almost over?
Is the St. Louis Rams' uphill climb almost over?

Good Sunday morning to you, Rams fans. We are now, officially, in that stretch of the offseason where things grind to crawl, a long, slow loiter that makes six weeks feel like six years. Sure, you can fill your time with baseball, but that's not a true substitute for professional football. Before scrambling to find things to fill the void with, let's take the pulse of fans, getting a sense of how folks are feeling about the St. Louis Rams offseason and the year ahead.

The last six months have been busy for the Rams. They fired a coach and general manager, hired a future Hall of Famer to give them some gravitas on the sidelines, brought in a smart young rookie general manager, signed a slew of free agents, trade themselves into a bundle of draft picks and have a stable full of young talent.

It looks like the Rams may finally be headed in the right direction, after several attempts to make it happen.

So here it is, the offseason approval poll. Register your opinion on how you think the Rams did during the offseason, and drop us a line or two or three about what you liked and didn't like about the offseason.