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Random Ramsdom for June 15th, 2012

Have you ever done something and almost immediately asked yourself, "what the hell was I thinking!?" As soon as I departed Chicago for my first stop in Springfield, IL I asked myself that very question. I was towing my camper trailer behind the Dodge with a 10 month old baby boy, a 10 year old girl, and my wife, bless her heart, in the vehicle. The boy is crying, my daughter won't shut the hell up about the boy crying, my wife doesn't have the GPS going yet so we miss a turn, and to top it all off we hit tons of inbound traffic. If ever I was going to go nuts that was the day. But alas, I am still here, not quite locked away in the loony bin, to provide you with what I hope will be a bit of entertainment and news to kick off your Friday morning.

No Dome Compromise Means Independent Intervention
Besides being the last day of many a work week, today begins the next step in the Edward Jones Dome Saga. The matter is headed to arbitration today due to the CVC and the Rams organization not being able to reach a deal to keep the Ed in the top tier of NFL venues. Check out this write up from yesterday for more details.

Who is higher in your mind, the QB or the Pass Rusher?
So the NFL has their NFL Top 100 players of 2012 series going on over at NFL Network. Today there was an interesting debate about who should be ranked higher, Eli Manning or Jason Pierre Paul. In my humble opinion Eli Manning would have to be in the higher spot, not due to the fact that the quarterback is the center-piece of the team, but because those two Giant's Super Bowls don't happen without Manning. What do you think?

Stan "The Man" Kroenke Visits MiniCamp
Rams owner Stan Kroenke visited Rams Park Wednesday to observe some mini camp activity and to converse with his new coaching staff. While speaking to Jeff Fisher on the sidelines Stan was overheard saying, "It's still got that new car smell Jeff." Jeff responded, "Yeah Stan, it's great huh? We are going to do well this year. I am excited about the season." Looking cross-wise at Jeff, Stan responded flatly, "No guy, I'm talking about my new Bentley out back."

Tastes Like Chicken
Maryland's resident cannibal is in more hot water. No, not the hot water on the stove with the strange lump of meat in it. Apparently the man can't get enough of his fellow sapien. Besides wielding machetes and wrapping people in barbed wire, Mr. Kinyua enjoys relaxing by the fire while consuming partially cooked human with a little Merlot.

When Brian Schottenheimer took over the Rams offensive coordinator duties I was excited to see what he could do with what we had. Now after the draft and free agency I am even more excited. Brian has a warm and fuzzy feeling as well.

"When we came in, we thought we had a good core group of guys. You have to have them all healthy, that's a big part of it. But you go Austin Pettis, Danny Amendola, Greg Salas, Brandon Gibson, those are all good players. Then you get a chance to work out some guys and you get players like [rookies] Brian Quick and Chris Givens who maybe add a different dimension with speed or height. The most important thing with a receiver is that the quarterbacks and receivers are on the same page, that there's that trust factor. I know we have that."

The NBA Finals are in full swing. After handing the Miami Heat a stinging loss in game 1, the Thunder are trailing by 15 in the 1st quarter as of this writing. Personally I hope KD and the Thunder pull off the win, just so those Lebron champions will be quite. Yeah, I got into the hater-aide.

Unfortunately I have to turn in and get my beauty sleep. That 4 o'clock alarm is coming ever so fast. In honor of the Army's 237 birthday I will leave you with this diddy.