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James Jones Trade Rumors: Should The Rams Be Interested?

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Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones is said to be on the trading block. That could be an interesting development for the St. Louis Rams, who still have some questions at the position even after drafting a pair of receivers in April.

Jones could be a upgrade for St. Louis as a possession receiver. He has had his high-profile struggles with dropped passes in the past, but has still managed to catch more than 60 percent of the balls thrown his way. Last season he caught more than 69 percent of his targets.

Buried on the depth chart in Green Bay, Jones has a cap friendly contract. He is due a total of $2.5 million this year, $200,000 of that as a roster bonus, and another $2.95 million in salary next season with another $200K bonus.

As for what it might take to pry him out of Green Bay, it might be more than teams are willing to pay. The Packers certainly have no need to deal him. With the receiver market thin, they might be able to extract a very favorable price for his services.

And what about the Rams? St. Louis currently is banking on a rebound season from Steve Smith, a possession receiver not unlike Jones, but looking to overcome serious injuries in his past.

We've talked about the possibility of Jones before, most recently in this video.