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Random Ramsdom June 13th: Leadership, Charity and yes...Zombies

Good morning!! First off, some really good news. I am attending an event for club season ticket holders on Thursday where I get to watch practice and then meet the coaches! Now I don't know if you can call it "meeting" the coaches whenever hundreds of other people will be there, but it will be an awesome time. I'll have pictures (hopefully) and instant reaction on the site Thursday night!

On to the links!!

Steven Jackson world traveler

What many don't know about the Rams star RB is he enjoys traveling in the offseason, often to exotic locations. Last offseason he even went swimming with sharks!! This time he went to South America and he will go on another trip after minicamp, but he doesn't know where yet. One day, I'll be so rich I can take random trips to see amazing sites. One day.

Steven Jackson on the new leadership

Jackson was asked on Tuesday about the level of confidence in Jeff Fisher and his staff. He had this to say...

"It's quite a difference. Nothing against what I've had before Coach Fisher, but you can definitely tell a difference in leadership, a difference in confidence."

"It's very refreshing to have a coach that has that kind of resume and brings that kind of credibility. You can just feel it. It's quite a difference."

Firing Steve Spagnuolo was seen as a questionable move by some, but when the team's leader says this, there is no more doubt that a change was needed.

Rams build a playground

As they do every year, the Rams and staff from Rams Park built a playground. This time the location was Fairmount City, IL a town of only 2,600 that doesn't even have schools. You can't help but feel warm on the inside when players, even though their forced to do things like this.

Steve Smith has his swag back

The new Rams' WR Steve Smith has fallen a long ways from his 107 catch season in 2009. Injuries have put him off track. Smith says he is now 100% healthy and he has he swag back. A big reason for that he says is he has the number 12 jersey again. 12 was retried with the Eagles for Randall Cunningham so Smith was forced to wear number 11.

"Oh, that messed up things [wearing 12]. I definitely have my swag back now."

Finally your zombie update

Remember that guy who was attacked in Florida by a "zombie"? The face eating victim is actually doing fine now, but the video shows what happens to your face when zombies attack! In all seriousness, it great to see he is doing well. All the best to him and his family.