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St. Louis Rams Offensive Player That Has The Most To Prove

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Before Jeff Fisher joined the Rams, he watched the Rams play. Does anyone think he was really impressed by the offense? The quarterback stepping back to pass, but somehow always ends up laying down, and when he wasn't laying down, he wasn't throwing touchdowns. The wide receivers couldn't create separation.

If the Rams want to win games this season the offense has to take that next step. Last season the Rams offense scored 12.1 points a game (32nd), only 283.6 yards per game (31st), and only scored more than 10 points in 9 games.

Even though the Rams added some good draft picks and some good veterans, there were players on the team last season that continued to show their potential, but time could be running short on them.

So vote and tell us in the comments, which player has the most to prove. My vote is on Brandon Gibson, a player I thought would breakout last season, but I think can still be a good player.