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Surprise! CVC Rejects St. Louis Rams' $700 Million Proposal For Edward Jones Dome Renovations

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In news that measures a zero on the surprise scale, the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission rejected the St. Louis Rams' proposal for a $700 million renovation of the Edward Jones Dome. Friday was the deadline for the CVC to decide. Now the two sides can start talking about a shared vision.

The CVC said in a statement to the Rams, as reported by the St. Louis Business Journal, that it was ready to start talking and reconciling the different visions for what the stadium can be.

"expressed to the St. Louis Rams that it believes that it is in the best interest of the community and the Rams to engage in meaningful dialogue over the next two weeks, and looks forward to the opportunity to do so at the earliest convenience of Rams management."

Mark your calendars for June 15. On that day, the matter heads to arbitration, assuming the two sides cannot reconcile the CVC's $124 million plan with the Rams' considerably more expensive version.