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Turf Show Times Facebook Mailbag: Will Brian Schottenheimer leave after one year?

I didn't get to ask a question?  We're not friends anymore.
I didn't get to ask a question? We're not friends anymore.

It's time for another mailbag! It's been a long time since we've done one of these, but it is time to appease the few, the proud - our Facebook faithful. Join the clan by liking us on Facebook. Tevin and I frequently check it and answer any questions you have such as...

Clayton Jones Who leads the Rams in receptions this year, with the congestion at the slot receiver position?

It will be Danny Amendola. Sam Bradford and Danny have great chemistry. Also the Rams will be moving to a more west coast style offense under Brain Schottenheimer. Danny dominates the quick routes. If he doesn't get injured, he will be near the NFL's leaders in receptions.

Now if he does get injured again, the contest becomes wide open. Brain Quick could become a favorite target of Sam. Steven Jackson had a 90 catch season once and the offense will utilize the RBs as receivers more. I would go with Lance Kendricks to lead the team in catches without Danny. He had a horrible rookie year, but he has talent. Brain Schottenheimer utilized Dustin Keller off of play action to great effect in New York. Expect a similar strategy with Kendricks.

Music for your listening pleasure. Take pure happiness and put it in a song and this is what you get.

Jon Rumley If you could sign any 2 of the free agents that have signed with other teams this off season who would you go for? 1 defense 1 offense.

Easy. Vincent Jackson and Mario Williams, but the Rams were better off spending their money on Cortland Finnegan. Vincent Jackson is being paid like an elite WR. The problem is he isn't one. I would have loved to have Mario Williams, but the Rams are in great shape with Chris Long and Robert Quinn.

Jordan Breck what is the expectations for Trumaine Johnson as of now?

If he can be a special teams contributor and fill in well at nickel and dime, he would of had a good rookie year.

Bruce Meanz Greatezt-zite-on-tha-web.! 1.Are we considering Marcus Latimore? 2.What does Jeff Fisher look like with a full beard? 3.Can we cut Craig Dahl already? 4.Could we get more info on the 2013 WR Class? 5.Can we get Janoris more weed? 6.What is the battle at LG looking like? --thankz!

Let's take this one at a time.

1. The focus at Rams Park is on next season, but the scouts will certainly do their due diligence.

2. This.


3. Woah, woah there buddy! Craig Dahl may not be a good option as a starting safety, but he is a worthy backup. He is great on special teams and he is a big hitter. Not a bad guy to be the 3rd or 4th safety.

4. Robert Woods is awesome. Keenan Allen is impressive. Other than that, I don't have much for you. Here's a big board of all the 2013 prospects from CBSSports for reference.

6. If the season started today, Bryan Mattison would likely be the starter. There will be a battle in camp for the job. Keep your eye on the Rams' 5th round pick Rokevious Watkins.

Ronald Rocky Tetrick Do you think Sam Bradford will have a good year?I thought he looked tenative last year.I know he had limited resources ,and a injury that limited his mobility.Do you think he can regain his cofidence,and mobility in the pocket?

What would be a good season for Sam Bradford? Is a return to rookie form good, because that's around what should be expected.

Jacob Farnham How much depth do the Seahawks really have at QB? Am I allowed to ask about them?

Of course you are allowed! They took a risk by given Matt Flynn starter money. He'll either be bad like Kevin Kolb or good like Matt Schaub. Only time will tell. Tavaris Jackon will be the backup (ahahhahahahahahahahhahaha). Russel Wilson was their 3rd round pick and he is a very interesting prospect. He is everything a team looks for in a QB, but he's only 5' 10".

Alan Clayton When Bradford turns it around this year, will Brian Schottenheimer be a flight risk? I know he was a candidate for at least one head-coaching job recently (Jacksonville?), and wonder if that would mean another offensive system next year.

He still has a lot to prove before he gets a head coaching job. Even if the Rams somehow become a top ten offense, I don't see him getting a head coaching gig. Two or three years from now if the offense turns it around? He would probably get a job. Every OC wants to be a head coach. A team can't avoid hiring a guy because they think he will do to well and leave. The best guy has to be hired and that's what Jeff Fisher believes he has.

Jack Kellett I've heard a lot of people pencil Jenkins in at starting corner, but I feel like in the past Fletcher has played pretty well. My question is this: Is Jenkins that good, or is it that Fletcher is coming off injury? Does a healthy Fletcher beat out Jenkins for the starting corner job?

It's both. Janoris Jenkins would have been a top 5 pick if talent was all teams worried about. Fletcher is coming off his second severe knee injury, which leaves doubt as to what level he will come back at. Both will see plenty of playing time no matter who starts opposite Cortland Finnegan. In fact, in nickel packages Finnegan may move to the slot leaving Fletcher and Jenkins on the outside.

Brandon Parks Will the offense avg more than 2 FG's a game this yr

Silly Brandon. This team will score TDs on every possession and go for two every time!! There will be no kicking!!

JJ Naranjo What is the likelihood of the 49ers success last year only being a one year wonder?

Sadly with that great defense and Jim Harbaugh calling the shots on offense, the 49ers are here to stay.

Jason McAdams Any chance Kendrick has that breakout year he was supposed to have last year?

Yes! To me Kendricks looked slow after about week 2 on the field. No doubt in my mind he was suffering from some sort of leg injury. After a whole offseason to get to full health, I expect him to play well.

Kevin Pope If Tru Johnson were to switch positions to safety how difficult would the transition be?

Great question! Many times people don't respect how difficult it can be to switch from CB to S. Athletically, it is an easier position to play, but it requires great football smarts to play. The job duties of a CB are extremely simply.

Cover 2: Press your man inside. Drop back if no one is in front of you. If someone is in front of you, cover them. Cover 3 and 4: Don't you ever, EVER get beat deep. Man coverage: cover your man and know where you have safety help. It's largely a reaction position.

Safeties have a tougher task. For starters, they have to help in run support. This means on each play they must decide pass or run and not be wrong. Then on passing plays they must adjust their coverage based on the routes being run or what the QB is doing. A safety must be able to dissect information and react in a blink of an eye to be decent. They must be able to guess what will happen and be right to be good.

Moving to safety is a difficult task for some, but it has been done by many. Trumaine Johnson certainly has the size to play S, and if Fisher chooses he should be able to successfully transition.

Joseph Denicola Where's the subject of the stadium renovations/negotiations at this point???

The Rams rejected the CVC's initial proposal of $124 million. The Rams then sent in their proposal, which has a price tag of about $700 million. The CVC had to accept or reject it today. They rejected it and the matter will go to arbitration. The arbitrator will then make a new proposal. If the CVC accepts it, it is automatically binding for the Rams. If they reject it, the Rams are free to leave after the lease runs out in 2015, or they can continue on a year to year lease like the San Diego Chargers. Buckle in because this is going to be a long ride.

Ryan Smith 1. Who starts at LG this year? 2. Which 6 receivers make the Roster? 3. How is Steve Smith's knee? Should we expect a return to form from him? 4. Is Albert Haynesworth worth a look?

1. See above.

2. There is no way this is right but I would guess: Brain Quick, Danny Amendola, Chris Givens, Greg Salas, Steve Smith and Danario Alexander.

3.'s a knee. It's never going to be 100% again. Nevertheless, you can't expect the old 2009 Steve Smith. He can still be a serviceable possession receiver.

Thanks for all the questions! Holla!