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Random Ramsdom: May 9, 2012


Hey everybody! How's your May been so far? Football's dead period has been depressing for most of us writers here at TST, but stay tuned! We will still have amazing content for our readers! Let's get to the links!

Vikings stadium mess

I don't even know where to begin with this. The stadium negotiations have become a fiasco in Minnesota. The politicians in Minnesota are changing their minds every nanosecond and it's getting ugly. A bill has passed through the state house and late last night, through the state senate, but it's a LONG way away from being reality. The Rams and the CVC are in stadium negotiations right now and the Rams just sent in their counter-offer. If the CVC rejects it, the matter will go to arbitration and if a deal isn't reached by the time the lease runs out, the same thing that is happening in Minnesota will happen in St. Louis.

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Rams sign 23 rookie free agents (Post-Dispatch)

Here's a list of the current UDFA's the Rams have brought in. Names to take note of are LB Sammy Brown, S Matt Daniels, QB Austin Davis, P John Hekker, and TE Deangelo Peterson.

Cosell's NFC West Review

A man who is quickly becoming one of my favorite draft analyst made a great point in his review of the NFC West draft: Who can say what player is a reach? Until the player steps on the field, no one knows who will be good. He had this to say about the Rams selecting Brain Quick.

Many will use the small school component of Quick's résumé to suggest he will have a much larger learning curve to adjust to the NFL. Again, another myth tossed around as if it's gospel. Watch any college wide receiver, especially one that played in a spread, and you will see limited routes. Justin Blackmon went to Oklahoma State, and he has no greater route running experience that Quick. They both played in spread offenses. In fact, studying both extensively on film, you can make the argument that Quick, who's significantly bigger than Blackmon, is more naturally athletic.

Sam Bradford Keep Gym in School (KSDK)

The Rams QB took time out of his day to visit a local elementary school and promote the NFL's Keep Gym in School program. Bradford led the kids in a "mini-camp". It's always great to see athletes using their stage for good. Speaking of Sam....

Rams told Bradford that they would not draft a QB (

Bradford said in a interview in NFL Network that he was told early that he was the guy as he should be. Bradford is a special, special talent. Last year was rough, but with a full off-season to get healthy and some new weapons, Bradford should bounce back nicely in 2012.

Jacob Bell retires (

Ex-Rams guard Jacob Bell retried after being on the Bengals for only one month. He said he lacks the desire to play football anymore. He signed a huge contract with the Rams and wound up being a huge disappointment. All the best in retirement.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!