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St. Louis Rams Offseason Approval Poll

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I've been following stadiums and player health issues for the better part of the day. It's exhausting in only the way sitting in front of a computer for hours on end can be. I needed a Rams break, so I'm ducking back over here while the Minnesota Senate serves as a reminder for people don't vote anymore. Since I'm onto politics, how 'bout a poll?

Earlier this week, we kicked off our offseason report series at SB Nation. Starting with the St. Louis Rams!

Put all the finer points aside for now, and get visceral ... or if you're more of the considered and rational type, you're welcome here too. Put your opinion to a vote. Grade the Rams offseason.

From January to this very moment, it's been busy at Rams Park. They hired a new coach, spent a bunch of money in free agency and drafted a handful of players.

Of course, there are issues still to be addressed. Flipping a 2-14 team takes some work, and time.

Vote. Tell us what you think of the Rams' offseason so far. And discuss.