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New Look At Los Angeles' Farmers Field Unveiled As Stadium Battles Rage In The Midwest

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At some point before Monday, May 14, the public will get a look at the St. Louis Rams' counter proposal for renovations to the Edward Jones Dome. The Missouri Attorney General issued an order on Monday for that plan and other documents related to the lease negotiations with the CVC be made public.

Football fans in Los Angeles got a sneak peak on Tuesday afternoon at the proposed Farmers Field development. AEG, the entertainment company behind the Farmers Field project, released a 3D animation of the stadium and its surrounding facilities, including a proposed update to the LA convention center.

You can see the Farmers Field video after the jump.

As for filling Farmers Field, the situation in Minnesota is worth keeping an eye on as it plays out in the State Senate there. The House passed a version of the stadium bill that included a deal breaker for the Vikings in the form of an $105 million increase in the team's share of the cost. That could change, will change, if the Senate passes some form of a stadium bill and the conference committee starts haggling over the final product.

The situation in Minnesota is a good reminder that the Rams are a long way from d-day, no matter how many Chicken Littles claim otherwise. Even if nothing comes of this year's negotiations between the Rams and the CVC, the situation would not get really heated until the end of the 2014 season when the Rams' out clause triggers on their lease.

That's what happened with the Vikings, who have been gunning for a new stadium for years. Their lease on the Metrodome ran out after the 2011 season. They agreed to play there one more season, without a lease. Only then did any real efforts at getting a new stadium take place.

There is, however, a lesson in waiting, which the Vikings had to do to some extent while the city and state dealt with a new arena and baseball field. That put the Vikings' stadium debate after the Great Recession, when the economic and political climates have changed substantially. The Rams may face a more favorable climate in 2014 rather than 2012; then again, it could be worse.