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The TST Mailbag: Lot's of questions about the draft and the future of the St. Louis Rams

The NFL Draft is over. The Rams added a talented, but trouble making group of young men this year. What this says about the new regime is that we will take players that have questionable character, if it will really improve the team

I didn't have a problem with the four pillars, but apparently Fisher did, so it looks like those days are over now.

Today, I have a guest who will be answering your question. I'm having a few computer issues, so I asked for volunteers from the TST Staff. DouglasM offered to help, and when no one else raised their interweb hands, I was stuck with , I, uh... glad to have him fill in for me.

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Hector Arrellano what did fish and snead see in Janoris Jenkins to take that big a chance on him?

Generally acknowledged as one of the top corner backs in this year's draft crop, Jenkins fall from draft grace was driven by off field issues. Snead mentioned that when they acquired another second round pick, it offered an opportunity to take a potentially outstanding player like Jenkins. They know he's a gamble, but if he hits big (along with Trumaine Johnson) this may wind up being the greatest defensive back draft in Rams history...Or a complete bust? I like the mindset here of Fisher and Snead.

Dwayne Bass How do you think we did in the draft? What grade would give the Rams so far?

It's all about how many players actually hit, or succeed, and how many will be duds. If the Rams get six to eight starters out of this draft, it will go down in history as one of their best. This new bunch of players is the first part of a broader plan to rebuild a team with problems at almost every level. As I said earlier, I like the mindset of the "New" Rams so far. I give this draft an B, only because I would have liked to have seen them draft some OLB help. Passing on Lavonte David, Sean Spence, and other top OLBs is putting all the Rams eggs in a Jo-Lunn Dunbar basket, with a question mark on the other side.

Rafay Asrar The Rams hardly addressed their OL or LB needs through the draft. Fisher mentioned free agency as a possibility to address needs at those positions. Are there any players in particular you think the Rams will look to target at those positions? Thanks.

OT Marcus McNeil is still available, but he's had trouble staying on the field. Green Bay just released OT Chad Clifton, but he's a bad bet to stay healthy till proven otherwise. I'd like to see the Rams give Tony Wragge and Mark LeVoir another shot. They were mid season acquisitions last year, and I'd like to see what they could do with a full offseason with the team. Not sure if Buffalo re-signed OG Kraig Urbik, but he may be worth a look?

At OLB, I don't see much on the shelf. E.J. Henderson may be worth a look, as is Rocky McIntosh.

Loren Dingley I like what we did in the draft but I'm concerned about crucial areas tha weren't addressed like O-line. Any options in free agency?

OL is a tough position to shop in FA - Lots of injury concerns with most. The big thing about offensive linemen is that they are pure platinum. From a distance you can't tell if they are the precious metal or merely shiny tin? One thing is certain: Teams keep great linemen, and when they are released they are almost always at the end of their careers, or injured. My dark-horse to make the team if he's invited to camp? I liked Tony Wragge. He was pulled off the street and asked to do an impossible job last season. Give him an entire off season with the Rams and he'll be a serviceable back up at the very least.

Ronald Rocky Tetrick How many of you will be glad when the Rams situation with the CVC is concluded.I'm having a little trouble totally backing the Rams, until I hear that they will be the St.Louis Rams in the future.

Hard for me to have empathy for you here. I'm a long, repeat LONG time Rams fan from back in the L.A. Rams day. While I don't think the Rams are going anywhere, even if they did, they'd still be my team. Lots of fans fell in love with the Rams GSOT - that's fine. Yet, the Greatest Show on Turf was only one shining moment in an incredible history for the Rams.

Chuck Ervin how in the hell could the Rams keep ignoring, the O-Lineman from Georgia, GLENN, who was staring them right in the eye in rd #2 ?

Head Coach Jeff Fisher and his staff must not see OL as high on their concerns list as most fans do? I totally agree with you here. I thought they'd take Glenn, Massie, ect, in the 2nd to 4th rounds? Fisher does have a history of NOT taking OL with high picks, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

Nick Meara Who are the Quarterbacks at the Apr. 30th Rookie Camp?

Bradford, Clemens and Brandstater are on the roster, as is Austin Davis out of Southern Mississippi as a UFDA. I don't see the Rams keeping four QBs when the roster is cut from 90 to 53 players.

RJ Wilson Turf show....I got a question for come every year we have the pick to get the best wideout and it seems other teams always make a way to get them from us??? I'm good with Quick but man the last few years our first round been horrible when WE could've made deals to get the best wide out. I'm kinda lost there!!

This is one of those areas you and I will never really understand from a head coach/general manager's perspective. The Rams built their draft board based on their scouting department, and in-depth analysis of different players. What one team sees, is almost always different than what another team does. Fisher and Snead saw Brian Quick high on their board. When they missed on Blackmon, and A. J. Jenkins, who we now know was high on their board, they moved down their list. I actually thought they'd grab Hill in the second?

Clayton Weaver Given the current roster, whats the best game plan to try and cover Calvin Johnson in game 1?

If Jenkins and Johnson work out, combined with Cortland Finnegan, the secondary will have the tools to cover even Megatron. You have to take a look at the talent that's potentially there. We could wind up with a Top 5 defensive secondary if Fletcher comes back healthy. I'd like to see the Rams bring back O.J. Otogwe to bolster the Safety position.

Sergey Konyshev How did Fish bring himself to draft all the players without a mustache? Also, will everyone have to grow a mustache by training camp at the latest? One more: 3k is good at photoshop, will he draw upper lip facial hair on all of the rookies by training camp?

Fisher is removing his stash because Les Snead is without facial hair. They wanted to be "twinzees". Rookies aren't allowed facial hair until they impress Fisher on the field. 3k won't be doing mustaches for now. He's working on connecting eyebrows at the moment.

Justin Hamilton Do you believe that given the Rams did enough to shore up the LB corps. I felt like Lavonte David should have been a target in the second. The FO must be satisfied with just getting Dunbar and rolling with what we have. Also, is it just me or has there been a lull in the number of good 4-3 OLB coming into the league in recent years. Seems every OLB I see was a DE in college.

DE and OLB have become a kind of hybrid position. Teams are looking for a player who can go from hand in the dirt to pass protection in the flats. What's most intriguing is the size of DE/OLBs coming out of college. Lots of 6'0" - 6'1" / 220 plus guys who are rated as much for their speed as they are for their ability to work against the run.

Adnan Hüssaini When will the mock drafts stop!?!

You jest, right? I did a Random Ramsdom the day following the NFL Draft, and found a fresh new 2013 Mock Drat already posted at MTD. There should be a law that prevents them from coming out until January! lol Take heart though, they disappear into the background as training camp opens. We are in the doldrums that happen every year between the NFL Draft and the start of the season.

Mike Tockgo Typical Fisher draft is what alot of experts said. Defensive tackle in the first round..I was pissed that they traded down and not pick Clairborne. However, I liked Jenkins alot too..this kids is a beat..he shut down all the best wideouts while he played at Florida...Quick is a physical speciman, that's for sure..Unfortunately we have too many holes to fill...what draft position is Robert Wood slotted for next year? I would think we would probably ended up with a top ten pick and a pick in the teens in the first round next year....with more money to be available next year, do you know who the availble unrestricted free agents are going to be?

In all the player projection lists I've seen to date, Woods is a Top 5 pick at the very least. Some have him a Top 2 pick. As far as more money for next season and available for URFAs, I think we need to think closer to home. Chris Long will be a free agent next year, and he'll be looking for a boatload of cash. James Laurinitis will be an FA soon too, so I don't see us spending much on FAs in the next two years until they are both re-signed.

Josh Englehart What kind of impact do you expect Brockers to have in his first year? Also do you think Robert Quinn will start for the Rams next season.

Brockers is a day one starter. Anyone who thinks he'll be eased into the line up needs to lock up the whiskey and break their bong. Quinn has had enough time to learn the NFL way, so he'll be at least a 3 down starter this season. Brockers may be limited to running downs while he learns to pass rush.

Marice Blair Will any players in the secondary be moved to another position. Like safety for Fletcher.

Could happen I guess? With the talent that Fisher potentially has, we could see any number of defensive secondary schemes. Something I'd like to see return, is what used to be called "Madman", a huge safety/cb type player who roams the field creating havoc everywhere he goes. Trumaine Johnson could be a perfect candidate?

Mark Gibson Do you think if we pick up one decent olb or maybe if Dunbar is that person, we could just run a lot of nickel with the depth at cb and the way the dline has been put together? I think we now have one of the best combinations of dline and secondary in the league.

The key this season, like last season, will be OLB. If one of the UDFAs the Rams have signed can be worked into a starting roll, the Rams D could be a Top 10 unit. In a division that features Larry Fitzgerald and Sydney Rice, stopping the run will still be the #1 thing on Jeff Fisher's list.

Dwayne Bass What's your thoughts on Austin Pettis? Will he even be on the team next season?

Pettis is in the same dog pen as new Rams Jenkins and Johnson. He'll be given a chance to impress in camp, but the two games he'll be unavailable due to his PED suspension will hurt his chances of making the roster.

JJ Naranjo What are the chances the Rams add Albert Hanynesworth and or a veteran linebacker?

I think Haynesworth may get an invite to camp, but at some point even Fisher has to limit the number of problem children he's willing to deal with at any given time. I definitely think Snead and Fisher will be studying OLBs that come available as rosters are pared down from 90 to 53 players.

Ross Tafarian With the one glaring weakpoint in our draft being OLB, what are the realistic chances of Josh Hull starting at OLB as opposed to a FA pick up this year?

Hull starting? I wouldn't put money on it. He's a solid replacement for JL55 in the middle if needed, but he's never had pass defense very high on his resume. Hull is a downhill defender, and unless he somehow finds better lateral movement, he may even struggle to make the roster if the Rams bring in a veteran OLB, or some of the UFDAs shine in camp.

Zach Horwitz Which injury-prone players are gone? DX & Illinois Mike?

When the Rams released Marquis Johnson, I think it marked well Fisher's preference for upside in players. The big question about DX and "Always ILL" Mike is how much upside can there be with blatant health concerns? Here, your guess is as good as mine. I've always liked DX, and no matter what happens with him, I'll wish him well.

Josh Bunton I like the way we picked up lots of UDFA... but, what is our offensive line looking like for next season?

It all comes down to one name: Jason Smith. Did you just get a queezy feeling in your stomach? I know I did...

Mike Tockgo Our secondary being one of our weaknesses, is now a strength for us...In addition, getting Brockers and the free agent we signed, along with Quinn and Long will be very disruptive on the defense...My biggest concern is that the other teams won't have enough time to throw, so the passes will be short...having said that,.we need linebackers that can cover...who is left of the veteran free agents for outside linebackers?
Have a feeling our defense is going to be ranked pretty high next, top ten easily!

Our defense will live and die in "flats" pass coverage and screen pass defense. The run defense problems from last season have been addressed. Now we need to be able to stop short flair passes to Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch. I don't see any available FA OLB I'd spend money on who could fill that task.