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Rams' Counter Proposal For Edward Jones Dome Going Public

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The public will get a chance to see the St. Louis Rams' counter proposal for the Edward Jones Dome much sooner than anticipated. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said, in a sent a letter to St. Louis Circuit Judge Bryan Hettenbach, that the AG's office would release the Rams' counter proposal and other related documents by Monday, May 14.

The CVC and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch filed dueling lawsuits last week over the issue of the Rams' proposal. The CVC started the legal motioning by filing a suit to ask a judge, Hettenbach, whether or not the proposal is subject to the state's open records laws. They maintain that the sensitive nature of real estate transactions exempts the matter. The Post-Dispatch countered with an argument that ...

... that the public shouldn't be kept in the dark about a multimillion dollar project involving a public building and public money.

Both sides have a valid argument. In Minnesota, the stadium wrangling has reached its end game, being put into the usual unproductive arguments between left and right, a more pragmatic middle long since stripped out of the debate. I doubt either side wants the Edward Jones Dome situation to get that far into the muck of state politics, but it would almost certainly have to if the Rams are asking for a significant amount of tax revenue to upgrade the facility.

The proposal presented by the Rams is only the most recent step in the process. The CVC has until June 1 to accept or reject the plan. If they reject it and cannot agree to a plan by June 15, the matter goes to arbitration, a non-binding process, that has until the end of the calendar year to be resolved. If it is not resolved by the end of the year, the Rams would be free to leave their lease on the Dome after the 2014 season.