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Ban College Football?

Not even the presence of Charlie Weis justifies banning college football.
Not even the presence of Charlie Weis justifies banning college football.

Alright, soap box time. A digression, but an important one, so please indulge me. As you know the NFL Draft is a subject that gets its fair share of ink around these parts. Shocking, I know that a site dedicated to one of the worst football teams in recent years would tend to lean toward the draft and its constant promise of renewal. We also love football, professional and college.

But something's afoot that needs your attention.

Over at Slate, a site I read regularly but am never at peace with, they're having a debate, a debate about whether or not to pull the plug completely on college football. It's not a bad debate to have right now given the high profile problems with injuries, particularly head injuries, in the game and the NCAA's unregulated plantation economy.

Debating the motion to dump college football is light socket egghead Malcolm Gladwell and Buzz Bissinger, a well known author with the public vocabulary and temperament of a longshoreman. Naturally, two guys with that kind of profile would command opponents of equal stature. Nope.

Slate went out and got Jason Whitlock and Tim Green. The latter combatant passes muster, but Whitlock? Oh boy. This is going to be ridiculous. Hopefully, if anything does actually come out of this, it might push for some needed reforms in the NCAA. There aren't many self-regulated billion dollar businesses operating these days, but the NCAA marches with the kind of oversight the suits at Goldman Sachs can only dream of.

If you want to get a jump start on the conversation, SB Nation's NCAA football editor Jason Kirk and contributor Billy Connelly are taking your questions on the subject over here, starting at 10 a.m. Central.