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Random Ramsdom, 5/7: Snead's Principles Replace Pillars


How many others out there are feeling the early effects of football withdrawal? Realization hit me yesterday, while I was watching the Pirate game, that this is going to be a long summer. I'm already tired of baseball and it's not even summer yet! I want the new era of Ram football to begin now.

Oh, well... I can't really complain when there is at least some football news to talk about. Contact or not, there will be practice to report on in the next week, but what do I have for you today? Let's start at the top with the Rams front office.

Ram tough: Les Snead leans on strengths to rebuild St. Louis -

  • Don't be scared
  • Wake up sprinting
  • Be passionate
  • Be honest

Those are not only the ways by which GM Les Snead has lived his life, but are also the four principles that he will use to both build and operate the St. Louis Rams. Kind of ironic, no? This is truly a great read about the Snead's rise to the Rams, his preparation for the off season and the imminent future of his new team. Most notably to talk about, of course, is the bounty of outrageous picks and talent that he acquired in last month's draft. Is it still too early or bold to say that I already like this guy more than I ever liked Billy Devaney?

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So how did the Rams do in this year's draft? - Post Dispatch

Roundtable talks with some of STLtoday's writers yield exactly what was to be expected. They each give the Rams high praise for taking chances and going after the players with the most upside. Several, however, are unwilling to make any definitive early judgment.

Minnesota now at table in NFL's relocation roulette game - Post Dispatch

The NFL is absolutely uninterested in expansion, and that could spell doom for at least one long-time established fanbase. The Vikings now join many other teams in football limbo who may soon be on the move. Senate will vote today on a new $1 billion stadium plan in Minneapolis. Related video: Law Makers Fear Vikings Will Exit if No New Stadium

Top-ten prospects of 2013 - Yahoo! Sports

Is it too early to talk 2013 NFL Draft? Probably, but I don't care. A number of these guys should be on the Rams radar, just hopefully via Washington's first pick. Included is a video taken last Friday, when the Rams may have had the "best day two of the draft."

Rams: One big question - Mike Sando

If you are anything like me, and Sando in this case, as day two of the NFL Draft came to a close, you had only one question on your mind: Who is playing outside linebacker? Jo-Lonn Dunbar seems to have one side already locked up, but that still leaves the other open for all-out competition. At this rate, fans may soon clamor over Aaron Brown like many were in 2011 for Jabara Williams.

NFC West holes to fill -

Tired of talking about the Rams 2012 draft class yet? Neither am I. But we must also take note of our three division rivals' additions and shortcomings. After you read over St. Louis' analysis a couple of times, take a glance at Arizona's, San Francisco's and Seattle's.

Putting to rest bad info on Rams' Brockers - Mike Sando

Sando delivers assurance from his "mailbag" to a concerned fan. Does Michael Brockers have the build of an every-down defensive tackle?

Ex-Ram Gary Gibson signs with Bucs - ProFootballTalk

Gibson, while far from a star, was a serviceable role-player with the Rams. He has agreed with Tampa Bay on a two-year deal, joining his former Rutgers coach Schiano. Trevor Laws likely becomes the new third DT on the depth chart behind Langford and Brockers.

Former Rams kicker Brown signs with Jets - Post Dispatch

It took little time for Josh Brown to find work. With the New York Jets, he will compete with Nick Folk in training camp and pre season. Brown is still regarded as a good kicker, but he will have to earn his job.

Amani Toomer: Kurt Warner is trying to trash the game of football - ProFootballTalk

Is it wrong to be a concerned parent? My mother always told me differently, and one former Ram feels the same. In the midst of escalating turmoil surrounding football related injuries, Kurt Warner has said that he hopes his children don't play the game. Former Giants receiver Amani Toomer responded, "I’d definitely have my son to play football. That’s what the Toomer family does." Warner, who endured a much harsher beating than Toomer in his playing days, still allows his kids to play.

Here is the video from said article.

Did I just bring down the mood a little bit? I'm sorry. To make up for it, I have one more thing to throw at you. Everyone loves new and well-done highlight videos, but here is one that is much more pleasing to the eye than typical Ram game film. Courtesy of RamsONDEMAND, I give you your St. Louis Ram cheerleaders!

Rock on, Ram fans!