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Random Ramsdom, 5/5/12: Draft Busts, Best Values And More

random ramsdom 1
random ramsdom 1

It seems like forever ago that the 2012 NFL Draft went down. What the hell are we going to talk about until August? I think we'll manage; we always do. Some good stuff for you in a Saturday edition of Random Ramsdom.

P.S. rumor has it that 3k is going to roll out a tribute to the late, great MCA.Stay tuned.

Before I get to the links, another reminder to find us all the social media ish, starting with Twitter @TurfShowTimes continuing through Facebook and onto our very own YouTube channel, which I suspect SBNation will come to regret giving us at some point in the near future when they actually see the quality of work happening there.

The Links!

2012 NFL Draft: Bust Factor With The Rookie Class - Every year the excitement around a 1st round pick turns into disappointment when a player fails to live up to expectations. Which draft picks have the potential to wash out?

So much more, including Sam Bradford replacing Adrian Peterson at OU this summer ... what?

2012 NFL Draft Results: A Look At The Best Value Picks - Which teams got away with shoplifting, stealing prime players at cut rate prices in the 2012 NFL Draft? We're taking questions and talking picks in the comment section, so head over and talk draft picks with me and Joel Thorman, SBN's NFL editor.

Pead still chasing lifelong dream - A long time ago, Isaiah Pead didn't have a favorite NFL team.

Mike Mayock on Janrios Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson - Two corners with 1st-round talent will fall out of the 1st round. That was Mayock's prediction for Jenkins and Johnson, and he was right on the money. Jenkins and Johnson were in Mayock's top five prospects at the position, and the Rams drafted both.

Signs of the times - My how things change. Sam Bradford is replacing Adrian Peterson as the host of the University of Oklahoma's youth football camp this summer. Peterson is recovering from a brutal knee injury he suffered last season. Bradford is the talk of the town in St. Louis after the new regime doubled down on their commitment to him.

Turmaine Johnson brings message of hope to alma mater - Stockton, Ca., native Trumaine Johnson was home this week, taking time to bring a positive message to local students. Johnson encouraged kids in his hometown to take advantage of opportunities and work hard ... offseason stuff.