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St. Louis Rams Offseason Report, 5/5/12: Dome, Draft & Lots Of Great Television

Watch more TV.
Watch more TV.

The St. Louis Rams are in the next phase of negotiations over the future of the Edward Jones Dome. They also just wrapped up the 2012 NFL Draft. It's been a busy month for the team, and there is much to discuss. And what better place to discuss that stuff than on YouTube!

That's right, TST is back on the airwaves today with a very special interview focused on the Dome and a review of the Rams' 2012 draft class.

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TV? We love television. So do you. Why not fall down the rabbit hole of quality sports programming on television, television on the internet that is.

We'll have loads more content for you as days go by. Remember, there is no offseason at TST. Be sure to leave comments for other topics you feel like we should cover or questions you may have.