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Random Ramsdom: May 4th, Welcome to the "real" offseason


Hey everybody!! Welcome to the dead period of NFL news. Now that the draft is over, not much is going on, but because the NFL is the ultimate media machine, there still is lots of news! Let's get to it.

UDFA update

The Rams have stocked up on UDFAs, including some very intriguing prospects. No official list has been released yet, but it will be soon. The Rams had a very high draft grade on Duke safety Matt Daniels who was an All-ACC performer. Sammy Brown from Houston, who led the nation in tackles for loss, is a player that many were shocked to see undrafted. The Rams also brought in Austin Davis who broke many of Brett Favre's records at Southern Mississippi.

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Josh Brown signs with the Jets

The former Rams' Kicker signed a deal to play in New York. I've met him a few times at Rams' Training Camp and he is an awesome guy. Nothing but the best for Josh.

Will the Rams' new Edward Jones Dome proposal be made public?

The Rams' recently sent in their required proposal for upgrades to the Edward Jones Dome to the St. Louis CVC afther they released the CVC's initial proposal was rejected by the team. The proposal was not made public, and that has come under much criticism since the plan calls for the use of public funds. The Post Dispatch contacted the CVC and demanded the details of the proposal. The CVC does not want to release it wihtout the Rams' permision, so the PD filed a lawsuit to try and get details about the newest Dome proposal. The decision now lies in the hands of a judge.

This is a rather toucy issue for me. One one hand, I believe that any proposal with public funding should be public. It makes perfect sense, but in this situation, that may not be best. Negoiations could be damaged and both sides want to keep them private, which may be the strategy that could lead to a better deal for all. What do y'all think?

ESPN Sando: One big question

Sando asked a question that no one has the answer to; what will the Rams do at OLB? The FA market is bare and they did not draft a player at OLB high. Right now it's anybody's' guess who will line up besides James Laurnaitis week 1 against the Lions.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!