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Rams Still Seeking Linebackers; Can They Still Find Help?

Jo-Lonn Dunbar leads a group of question marks at the St. Louis Rams outside linebacker position.
Jo-Lonn Dunbar leads a group of question marks at the St. Louis Rams outside linebacker position.

The St. Louis Rams addressed several of the team's many needs in free agency and the draft. However, the 2014 team has a number of holes left to fill. One of the more glaring needs is at the outside linebacker position.

In addition to in-house options, which are few beyond Jo-Lonn Dunbar, a few names are still out there on the wire, waiting to land with an new team. Would any of those players make sense for the Rams?

The best of the available free agents is Washington Redskins weakside linebacker Rocky McIntosh. He plays adequately on the weakside in a 4-3, and was completely miscast in Washington's 3-4 defense. The Bears had some interest, but not enough to make an offer.

Broncos free agent Mario Haggan is another option as a strongside backer. He's 32. Bengals free agent strongside linebacker Brandon Johnson, 29, is another option, a very underwhelming one, but perhaps the third-best free agent out there right now.

In all likelihood, the Rams will not be making anymore additions in the near future, at least not until they have a better chance to assess their situation in minicamp and again, more thoroughly, in training camp.

The market is very thin on free agent options right now. A second wave of players will arrive as teams make further cuts in the offseason, as they assess needs and redundancies on their rosters.

Healthy corners who can help in run support will help the situation some, especially in today's NFL where the nickel and dime packages are just as, if not more, prevalent than a base formation. In fact, given that the Rams have to choose their priorities carefully as they rebuild, getting a deep and competent secondary is a better place to start.