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Random Ramsdom for 5/29/2012


My morning routine goes something like this: Get out of bed, take a long stretch, use the restroom and brush my teeth, then head to my computer desk, and tear the top page off of my tearaway calendar. Over the past week, those pages have read "106, 105, 104, 103, 102, 101, 100". Knowing Monday had been day number 100, I got up today with particular gusto, like a child on Christmas morning. I threw off the covers, and ran to my computer desk. I tore off the top page to reveal number 99! As of today, there are officially less than 100 days until the return of NFL regular season football!

With the season creeping up on us, there will be football news coming out nearly all the time, although today is a slow day for Rams news. The last OTA was on Friday, the 27th, and the next scheduled OTA isn't until June 5th. From there, it is a scant 8 weeks until the official start of training camp...

Hit the jump for some OTA reactions, a possible Seahawks holdout, and ZOMBIES?!

Reaction to Friday's OTA from - Nick Wagoner reports on Friday's OTA, including his impressions on the Rams new corner's ball skills, who didn't participate, and the impressive start to his Rams' career by wideout Michael Campbell

Great piece on Bradford's adjustment to another new offense - From the always reliable Tony Softli comes a column about Bradford's reaction to learning his third offense in three NFL seasons. Of particular note, you can tell that Sam is just happy to have a normal offseason to work with his coaches.

Hopefully Brian Quick listens to coaches better than he listens to airport announcements - Am I the only one that can just imagine Coach Fisher hearing about this, and beginning to develop a nervous tick in one of his eyes?

Small snippet on a trick play TD pass to UDFA OT Joe Long - Evidently, the boys got hands. He even spiked the ball after the catch, at his teammates' request. Now if he can just block like his brother.

In other NFL News...

The Matt Forte contract situation heading towards a holdout - After rumors surfaced that the Bears were hesitant to sign him long term because of worries about his knees, the running back took to twitter to defend himself

Nick Fairley is arrested a second time, this time on charges of a DUI and attempting to elude police - This is Failrey's second arrest since the beginning of April, having previously been charged with possession of marijuana. This is in addition to Fairley's 2011 Lions draft class-mate Mikel Leshoure's arrest for marijuana in March

Patrick Willis weighs in on 9ers/Panthers tiff - Now everyone clear the way, before the scratching and pulling of hair begins.

Chris Clemons has missed OTAs - Someone needs to let Clemons know that the Seahawks front office have been talking trash about him as of late. He should teach them by never reporting

And finally, in the non football news of the day...

If the zombie apocalypse has begun, I just want you all to know that I love you. ZOMBIES! - This story includes a naked man eating another man, being shot by police, then continuing to chew on his victim's face, until police shoot him more. ZOMBIES!

Thank you all for the read. Have a Ram-tastic day!