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CVC President Puts St. Louis Future On The Rams

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Things have quieted down lately in the public back and forth over negotiations to renovate the Edward Jones Dome. The discussion reached a fever pitch earlier this month when the St. Louis Rams' plans for the Dome were revealed by the Missouri Attorney General, and estimated to cost upwards of $700 million. On Friday, Kitty Ratcliffe, CVC president, put the onus of the team's future in owner Stan Kroenke's lap during an interview with KMOX.

Asked about the team staying in St. Louis, Ratcliffe replied:

"I think we can make that happen if the Rams really want to stay in St. Louis. Ultimately, that's what it's all about. Do they want to be here or not want to be here?"

Ratcliffe did offer a more moderate tone on the matter, one befitting of a representative involved in sensitive negotiations. It was a contrast to the public dialog last week, when Mayor Francis Slay dispatched aide Jeff Rainford to distribute threatening talking points, a performance he capped off with a suggestion for sports reporters to stay out of the Dome business.

Ratcliffe expressed optimism that the two sides would be able to find a reasonable solution. She added that any new sources of public funding would have to get the blessing of voters.