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Random Ramsdom for 5/25/2012- Fullbacks, Rookies, and Sammy


Here's to Friday Rams fans! I hope this week has treated you well. Wading through the interwebs I have found a bundle of information for your perusal. I have to admit that my head hurts a little from all of the reading I have done to piece this together.
Speaking of hurting heads, former Ram Eric Dickerson is the latest football god to enter into the concussion suit against the NFL. The Hall of Fame running back was a fixture of the Rams, just as he will be a fixture of this lawsuit. The spot light was already shining on the issue of concussions and player protection in the NFL, and now Dickerson’s participation will surely brighten it a bit.
Moving along the line of hurting heads, Rams fullback Brit Miller is looking forward to the new offensive scheme offered up by head coach Jeff Fisher and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. It promises to feature a more head lowering, smash mouth running attack than previous years. If you didn't read this on Wednesday when Ryan posted it, click over now, as this guy might end up being the lead blocker for the Rams in 2012. Over at the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Stu Durando offers up some observations of Miller, "You have to be a selfless guy when it comes to this position," Miller said." My first goal is always to protect Sam but a very close second is to make Steven a Pro Bowler any way I can [by] being his right-hand man." I certainly look forward to the aggressive running game coming our way.

Running right into the offense, new offensive line coach Paul Boudreau is expected to coach up the Ram’s offensive line to reach new heights, both in the run and passing game. Click here to read a nicely done offensive post (reader discretion is advised) from Turf Show Times member RAMpage28.

Even though NFL rookies are about to take the field for the first time since the 2012 draft, many of us have had 2013 mock drafts up for weeks. Jumping in Dr. Who's time machine over at SBNation St. Louis, Dan Moore talks about what we can reasonably expect from the receiver being thought by some to be the target of the Rams in 2013, Robert Woods of USC. Although a great prospect in my humble opinion, like all mocks this far out, its a little too early to gauge whether he is our guy or not. Who knows if we will even need him after this season?

Going right along with the rookie talk, Isaiah Pead is still in school and not allowed to practice. What? You mean he's gotta finish school first? Pesky NFL rules! He doesn't wrap up the school year until the 7th of June, at which time he can get down to business. Also missing time this week are Brian Quick and Chris Givens. Both are out of town flirting with cameras at a mandatory NFLPA Rookie Premiere event in So Cal. Party it up boys!

If you are new to Turf Show Times, our very own 3k put together a google map for the purpose of tracking and stalking each of us one at a time. Head on over and check out the thread then send 3k a message so he can add you to it. It's amazing how far Rams Nation reaches.

Last but not least, my favorite Rams subject, Sam Bradford. Sam has been put through the ringer since his arrival in the NFL. First there was the Shurmanator and his dink and dunk offense that helped Sam win a nice shiny trophy as a rookie - a little thing called the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year Award. With the departure of Pat Shurmur to the land that football forgot, Cleveland, the Rams brought in the dethroned prince of Denver, Josh McDaniels. Here's a highlight reel of opposing defensive giants slamming Bradford to the turf, thanks in part to poor offensive line play, poor coaching, and poor offensive calls by Josh McD. Now we have the third offense for Sam to learn under new head coach Jeff Fisher and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Here's hoping that the new regime can be successful in bringing about the savior status we all know Sam has the potential to possess.

I'll leave you today with this little diddy.

Happy Friday Rams Fans! Enjoy the weekend!