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How To Settle Differences In NFL Vs. NFLPA? Mano Y Mano, Of Course

Happier times.
Happier times.

Playing for the Arizona Cardinals is a serious demerit in my book. Then again, I have a multi-layered bias on that front. I still think Larry Fitzgerald is one helluva player and seems like a pretty good guy as well, despite that whole Cardinals thing. He had a winner of an idea on Thursday for how we might settle the seemingly endless cascade of lawsuits that have come to define the NFL offseason lately.

What's not to love? Mano y mano. Goodell, DeSmith. It might not be the greatest fight ever seen at historic Madison Square Garden, but it could be the most entertaining. Hell, bring in the legions of rowdy Jets fans that make it impossible to hear inside Radio City Music Hall during the draft, and it would be quite the circus environment ... not to mention a pretty rich fundraiser.

The question: Who would win? SB Nation is running a poll over on the big site, to gauge opinions on the outcome of said fight.

Goodell has the size advantage, but Smith is a crafty lawyer. Hmm ...

Bonus points if Don King can somehow be involved.