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Random Ramsdom 05.24.12


There is nothing wrong with your computer. Do not attempt to adjust your picture. I am controlling this transmission.....In reality, I can't do any of the things the 'Control Voice' did during the opening narration of the The Outer Limits, but what I can do is hopefully provide you with a bit of Random, somewhat 'light' on the Ramsdom, sports news to jumpstart your day. For those of you who've managed to grind your way through 'hump day,' I salute you! Grab your morning beverage of choice, take a seat, nestle down into the finely crafted groove created by your tookus, and begin your coast towards weeks end.

This Thursday feels different, doesn't it? There's procrastination in the air! Since NFL owners have approved to move the trade deadline from week 6 to 8, I feel obliged to do the same for you. Such an event should be celebrated. No matter the normal start time of your work day, you've been awarded a two-hour delay! Your boss'll understand...if not, tell em DC sent ya...late. And if that doesn't work, take the jump... Maybe there are employment opportunities on the other side...

...there aren't, so I hope you've invested wisely in your future.

Making a 'Quick' Comparison

Our good buddy David Heeb, over at Bleacher Report, likens Rams rookie WR Brian Quick to a few of the games' best. Ray Sherman already made one comparison... If his production in any way mirrors that of the six guys that Heebs' chosen, there'll be little question as to whether Quick was indeed the right pick.

Walt Updates his Draft Board....are we done selecting WR's early in the draft?

If you haven't seen it yet, Walter continues to upgrade his draft board for 2013. The Rams have the luxury of two first round picks next year. He's got the Rams picking at 3 and 18. One thing Walt doesn't mention is which pick is the Rams, and which is from the Skins? Click the link, whatcha think?

How we performed a house cleaning of the coaching staff, and missed out on a gem like this perplexes me. Motivation is what fuels our drive to achieve our ultimate goals. Leroy Smith was the most influential-influence-influencer-influencing Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the best ever. Get your checkbook out before you click 'Play'

Leroy Smith's Get Your Basketball On Infomercial (via GetYourBasketballOn)

A Versatile Mustache Can Grow Anywhere

It's no secret that the 2012 Rams organization contains a few of the most beautiful mustaches in all of football. There are, sometimes, variations of the fuzzy lip-dweller. Millions, if not billions, of dollars are spent annually to research the different variants of stache. This is what happens when a mustache goes wrong. Click the link to see what happens when your mustache creeps north...enter at your own risk

Love Is In the (H)Air

No, it's not Valentines day, but for those of you who don't know, June is the most popular month of the year for weddings. What does this mean for you, TST bachelors? For those of you not currently involved, that gives you approximately 5 weeks to meet the girl of your dreams and get the wedding planned. Let's face it, if you can't meet a girl, get engaged, and seal the deal in that amount of time, she's not your soulmate...

A couple of the Rams UDFA's Hope to Make an Immediate Impact in Secondary

Former Duke Blue Devil Matt Daniels made a no-brainer decision to join the Rams, certainly not because of money, but more so because he thinks he can contribute immediately and make an impact. The secondary will actually have some depth this season (barring injuries, and be sure to knock on wood). Known for his hard hits, Daniels looks to join Mikell, Dahl, and Stewart in our corps of safeties

The True Cost of Signing Kellen Winslow

The results of the most recent TST poll on whether or not the Rams should take a chance on TE Kellen Winslow displayed relatively even results. As we know now, he was shipped to the Seattle Seahawks, and initial reports stated that the Bucs received a 6th round pick in return. The price, though, is steeper than you think...and here are Mike Sando's thoughts:

The Seahawks inherit the long-term deal Winslow signed in 2009, but without being on the hook for guaranteed money. At most, Winslow will cost Seattle a sixth-round choice and $4.8 million in 2012. But if the Seahawks released Winslow before the season, they would avoid paying any money. That puts Winslow in the low-risk category, at least until the season.

$4.8 million eh? For those of you who voted 'Yes, they need the help,' would your vote have changed had you known the price tag?

Looking to Rebound: Sam Bradford and Josh Freeman

Greg Cosell draws comparisons to the great rookie seasons of both QB's, and then their respective falls from grace in 2011. Both teams are no doubt committed to their 3rd year starters, but I'll admit that it's nice to see that the Rams got a few playmakers to surround Sam, where the Bucs (outside of the Doug Martin selection) put more focus on their defense.

Use Your Second Set of Teeth To Open That

When your outdoor project is too demanding (Beer!), and there's no time to run inside to grab the necessary tool, you've got to improvise. What's amazing about this one is what Paul Bunyan is able to accomplish with such a poor oil and gas mixture.

"I'll Have Another" Poised For Triple Crown Victory as One Jockey Jailed

It's been 34 years since 'Affirmed' won the last Triple Crown in horse racing. The odds just improved for "I'll have Another" as this jockey has been jailed for a DUI. There's still uncertainty as to whether or not the jockey or his horse will be ready for June 9th's Preakness Stakes...or how he got the horse into his car

And For You NASCAR Fans Out There...

Today we celebrate the 47th birthday of one of the greatest NASCAR drivers to ever grace the track. Driver of the Old Spice Chevy, co-founder of 'shake and bake,' and one hell of a step brother...