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St. Louis Rams Over/Under: 6 Wins

The over/under for the St. Louis Rams is six wins.
The over/under for the St. Louis Rams is six wins.

The odds makers in Las Vegas don't think highly of the St. Louis Rams' chances this season, at least not compared to the rest of the league. In a first look at the early odds, Cantor Gaming puts the over/under win total for the Rams at six.

If you want a silver lining, that's better than five teams in the league. On the down side, it puts the Rams on the bottom of the NFC West. Arizona and Seattle are both at seven wins for their over/under.

In truth, six wins would be a big improvement for a team that won two games last season and is averaging three wins a year in seasons that all blended together to form one big mental image of pain and misery and wasted Sundays. At least we've had the NFL Draft and a damn fine community of fans 'round these parts at TST.

Better health alone should give the Rams another two or three wins. The rate of injuries suffered last season was the worst in the NFL. If the receivers work out better this season and Sam Bradford rebounds, the Rams might be able to add a few more wins to their total.

In 17 years as a head coach, Jeff Fisher's teams have finished with six or fewer wins only four times, including his first season with the Oilers in 1994, in which he took over with six games left in the season. His last season with the Titans in 2010, the team won just six games.