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Random Ramsdom, 5/23: Competition Continues

The St. Louis Rams resume spring practices on Wednesday.
The St. Louis Rams resume spring practices on Wednesday.

The St. Louis Rams resume OTAs on Wednesday, and we'll have news and reaction to get you irrationally excited about what transpires in spring practices. In the meantime, I'm going to dump a hot steaming pile of links in your lap to help you piss away an otherwise fine morning at the office.

Rams have two fullbacks competing for a roster spot - The St. Louis Rams have not one, but two fullbacks competing for a roster spot this season. Incumbent Britt Miller is joined by UDFA Todd Anderson. Both are converted defensive players, and Miller actually led the Big 10 in tackles as a senior.

Joe Long doesn't mind being a long shot - If pedigree is any guide - it isn't - then the Rams could have a diamond in the rough with Joe Long, the younger brother of none other than Dolphins all-world left tackle Jake Long. You know Jake Long, that's the player who was on top of the Rams draft board along with Chris Long in 2008. Long shot puns ... allowed.

Bernie: Cool heads are needed in Dome discussion - You may have already seen this since appeared on Sunday, but it's worth reading again even if you did. Bernie Miklasz offers the most rational take yet on the Dome situation in that he counsels patience. Yes, patience. This thing isn't going to be resolved one way or another for AT LEAST a seven more months and probably much longer, when the March 2015 deadline gets here. Miklasz will be called a Pollyanna for his take by others in the media, but there's really nothing Pollyanna about it.

Rams providing more assistance to Joplin - The St. Louis Rams have another trip to Joplin planned later this year to help with the ongoing rebuilding efforts. They've also pitched in, along with the state's other pro teams, to help Habitat for Humanity build 35 new homes.

Blast from the Past: 2006 late round picks who have had a huge impact - In case your forgot, Cortland Finnegan was a 7th-round pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. Finnegan is one of several late-round players who have become significant contributors in the years since. As Rams fans, you may remember the 2006 draft as one of the worst in history. Tye Hill?