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Remembering The 1-Year Anniversary Of The Joplin Tornado

Today, May 22, marks the one year anniversary of the Joplin tornado. Living about 60 miles away, I remember it all very clearly, watching the local news as the buildings there were all blown to hell and wondering if that thing was headed my way. Because this is a site focused on the St. Louis Rams, I think it's worth pointing out today, of all days, the work the team did to help the Joplin community in the wake of that tragedy.

I'm sure that I'll leave out some of the details of what the team did to assist Joplin. Less than a week after the tornado, they made a $25,000 donation to the Red Cross and Salvation Army for relief efforts on the ground. I also know that Coach Spagnuolo and others in the front office pitched in on fundraising efforts.

Last summer, a bus load of staffers in the front office went to Joplin to work as part of the clean up efforts. I remember that, in part, because it happened during the NFL lockout and players involved in the Joplin relief efforts were not allowed to work alongside their teams as part of it.

The Rams, Chiefs, and Missouri's other professional sports teams all pitched in, and I think it's worth remembering that today of all days.