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Monday Night Open Thread: Animated GIFs Needed

"You there, bring me some animated GIFs!"
"You there, bring me some animated GIFs!"

Ladies and gentlemen, it already feels like the week has overstayed its welcome. It's Monday night, so that's somewhat of a problem. That said, it was mostly a quiet day for the St. Louis Rams, who pick up OTAs again on Tuesday. As usual, we'll have the lowdown on that for you as it happens.

If you're lurking around, I thought I'd throw out an open thread to discuss Rams football, NFL, and (almost) anything remotely tangent to it here in the comments.

A few questions to spur your thinking.

  • OTAs are difficult to gauge, since they mostly are running/walking through the playbook. What are you looking for from those sessions?
  • NFL owners are probably going to push back the trade deadline by two weeks, from Week 6 to Week 8. Do you like such a move? Do you think there will be more trading, or does the cap system do more to prevent that?

More importantly, as I read through recent posts on the site I realized I'm seriously, seriously deficient in one area: animated GIFs. During the season I get plenty from the games, but I need the best and brightest GIFs on the web, featuring everyone from Ron Swanson to Kate Upton and everyone in between. HELP ME FIND GIFS! Drop your favorites in the comments.

Bonus points for any Jeff Fisher GIFs that appear.