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NFL Top 100: Chris Long, Cortland Finnegan Make The List

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The NFL is in the process of rolling out its spring airtime filler to generate links to their web site and up the value of their network. Yes, it's time for the annual NFL Top 100. Who are we to overlook a good opportunity for easy content. (Damn you never-ending media cycle ... damn you!) So far, a pair of players from the St. Louis Rams have made the list.

Cornerback Cortland Finnegan has yet to play a single snap for the Rams, even though it seems like they signed him a year ago. He checked in on the NFL's arbitrary list at No. 93 based on his body of work with the Tennessee Titans. A year in St. Louis leading an improved secondary should hopefully push him up the charts, based on whatever combination of Klout scores and random arrows determine the list.

Rams defensive end Chris Long registered the 84th spot on the list, because, you know, what's 13 sacks. Again, Long is someone who should be higher on the list. He's also a cool cat who probably doesn't care about such things. Remember when people said that he would be limited in his effectiveness ... as a pass rusher. People are stupid.

I suspect Steven Jackson will be on the list, but what other Rams might or should make it?

In a more perfect world, someone more motivated than I would do a top-100 Rams list. I believe I'll be assigning that out to one of the young bloods who write for the front page of this site. Suggestions?